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 Find out how to make vegan meringue kisses.  Egg free meringues are a great alternative to traditional meringues.  Keep reading to grab the recipe for these Meringue Kisses with a raspberry swirl. These raspberry and white chocolate profiteroles are a delicious treat for afternoon tea!  With hints and tips for making your own choux pastry, this profiterole recipe is filled with a white chocolate creme patissiere, glazed with a pretty pink raspberry icing and finished with a sprinkling of freeze dried raspberries. This Date Tart recipe finished with a lattice crust is complemented by apricots, orange and ginger! Not only is it incredibly delicious, it's also easy to make, and once you've watched our quick video you'll be building your lattice crust with confidence!    Sfogliatelle is a challenging Italian bake, also known as Lobster Tails.  Paper thin layers of pastry dough are shaped and filled with a delicious ricotta mixture which is often flavoured with orange & cinnamon. This homemade pie is decorative as well as delicious.  Using lightly spiced seasonal fruits, this Blackberry & Pear Lattice Crust Pie is low in refined sugar, easy to make and equally good served with custard, cream or ice cream.  Inspired by the popular Oreo biscuit, this Chocolate & Peanut Butter Sandwich Cookie recipe is certainly one to try!  The recipe produces a cookie style biscuit which is packed with peanut butter and chocolate flavour, they're are easy to make, and will satisfy the fussiest of cookie fans! Cherry Clafoutis is a pretty special dessert being pack with seasonal cherries surrounded by a set custard.  It's quick and ridiculously easy to make.  But why not pimp up the classic French dessert and take it to the next level with this recipe for individual Cherry Clafoutis Tarts!  Wonderful served slightly warm with ice cream or cream! This recipe for raspberry & white chocolate tarts has a white chocolate ganache draped invitingly over the fruit, & the classic flavour combination is finished with a sprinkling of freeze dried raspberries.  They're as delicious as they are aesthetically pleasing.      With a classic flavour combination, this Pear and Almond Tart not only looks inviting but also tastes amazing too.  The frangipane tart was glazed with a little apricot jam to produce a wonderful sheen.    These Raspberry & White Chocolate Meringue Kisses are as delicious as they are pretty, combining a popular flavour combination which works so well accompanied with meringues.    Apple rose tarts are eye catching, resembling a pretty bouquet of roses.  They're just as delicious as any apple pie  Based on the classic Mont Blanc dessert, these small & dainty meringue sandwiches include chocolate, chestnuts and cream to create a moreish homemade treat perfect for the party season. These delicious mince pies with a frangipane crust are a perfect alternative bake to the pastry rich, double crust pies usually enjoyed around Christmas time. These small individual fruit tarts are amazingly delicious with the creamy creme patisserie countering the sharp taste of the beautiful red currants.  Perfect for the festive season. A delicious classic French layerd gateau dessert, consisting of daquoise, buttercream, ganache and a whole heap of nuts These homemade Danish Pastries were shaped into a 'flower'' and topped with a classic autumn flavour combination of blackberry and apple. Post contains a 'how to video'. These homemade Danish Pastries were shaped into a 'diamond' and topped with the wonderful flavour combination of fig, goats' cheese and honey.  Post contains a 'how to video'. These dainty fruit tarts, made with a sweet pastry and finished with a lattice crust, are perfect for afternoon tea. With slightly sharp & juicy bilberries, creamy custard, and crumbly crumble all housed in a sweet pastry case, this fabulously delicious bake not only combines two popular desserts but also contains all of the seasonal flavours and textures you might want in one bite! Bavarian Slices, with raspberries. With flaky puff pastry, creamy custard, sharp raspberries & sweet icing, this Bavarian Slice is certainly a delicious teatime treat. Date Slice is a lovely tasty treat, which is not only easy to make but packed with nutrition courtesy of the dates. The three flavours in these Individual Apricot & Orange Frangipane Tarts work deliciously well together.  The pastry plait / braid applied to the edge of the tart really adds to that 'eat me' invitation. With thinly sliced apple and a dash of cinnamon rolled in a scrumptious cream cheese pastry, these apple roses are not only incredibly effective but also really delicious, making them perfect to share with your sweetheart this Valentine's Day.  Though they'd be fabulous for any occasion! Made with aquafaba, these bite sized vegan macaroons are deliciously crisp on the outside and soft on the inside.  The rich, orange flavoured, vegan chocolate ganache counters beautifully against the sweet macaron making them a 'must try'. Made with a light, flaky, pastry containing cream cheese and an enhanced sweet mincemeat filling, these small Jewish pastry treats are a true taste sensation.  Enhanced with marzipan, orange & spice these home made mince pies are an incredibly delicious traditional treat. This delicious classic lemon tart, encased in a beautiful sweet pastry, is topped with thin slices of goats' cheese before being caramelised and served. Inspired by GBBO 2015, this triple chocolate tart incorporates a layer of mango cream which breaks up the richness from the milk chocolate mousse, chocolate glaze, white chocolate decoration and the chocolate pastry beautifully! These cream horns (inspired by GBBO 2015) take their flavour combination from the classic dessert.  The horns are filled with creme patisserie, topped with a spice apple compote and finished with crumble pieces.  A bake which is definately worth the effort. These cream horns (inspired by GBBO 2015) are filled with a delicious lemon posset, with a hidden fresh raspberry within and then topped with freeze dried rapberry pieces. This beautiful & delicious bake, inspired by GBBO 2015, sees the pears stained with blackberry juice rather than the usual red wine. These delicious wafer thin biscuits are a must bake.  They are made with reversed puff pastry and flavoured with cinnamon. Made with aquafaba, these egg free meringues are sandwiched with lemon flavoured buttercream and rolled in freeze-dried raspberries This historic bake, dating back several centuries, sees the shortcrust pastry case filled with a lemon and ground alomd mixture. These gorgeous chocolate eclairs were filled with a chantilly cream which was rippled with lemon curd.

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