A Guide to Making.....Chocolate

This 'How to Page' is concerned with aspects of chocolate work.

How to melt Chocolate
Here I would definitely recommend using a bain marries, a water bath, to melt the chocolate.  It is far more controlled than using a microwave.  Chocolate is very sensitive to heat, and it only needs a slight increase in temperature of a couple of degrees to cause it to sieze up and become unworkable.  Remember, as Mary Berry says, chocolate melts in a child's pocket!
White chocolate also melts quicker than milk or plain, so remove the bowl from the pan as soon as it is part melted,  and allow the residual heat to finish melting the chocolate.

1.  Break the chocolate up into even size chunks. 
2.  Choose a bowl which is large enough to suspend over a pan of water.  Place the chocolate in this bowl.
3.  Fill your chosen pan with water part way, so that your bowl doesn't touch the water when resting on the pan. 
4.  Place the pan over a low heat. Move the chocolate around with a wooded spoon or spatula so that it melts evenly.  As soon as it has melted, remove the bowl from the pan and use as your recipe indicates.

Only Crumbs Remain

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