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Only Crumbs Remain is a personal blog and is written by myself.  All words and images are my own, unless stated otherwise.  Should you wish to use an image belonging to Only Crumbs Remain, please offer me the courtesy and contact myself first.  Permission will have been sought to use any image belonging to another source, and full credit will be given to that source. 

Recipe Inspiration and Adaptation
Where a recipe shown on Only Crumbs Remain has come about after being inspired by another baker, be that a book, TV programme, newspaper or magazine article, or fellow blogger, or where that recipe has been adapted from another, I will clearly state the source of inspiration or identify which recipe has been adapted.  Full credit being given to that original source. 

Baking Times and Oven Temperatures
The cooking times and oven temperatures listed within the recipes on Only Crumbs Remain are offered as a guide and are based upon the oven used by myself.  Do remember that each oven is different and it is important to get to know your own oven's characteristics; perhaps where hot spots are within the oven. 

Reviews and Gifted Items
Several food & non-food items are identified and referenced on Only Crumbs Remain.  It is done so because it may be of interest to yourself as the reader, and it may help you recreate or adapt a recipe shared on Only Crumbs Remain.  Do consider that these posts are merely a 'snap-shot' in time and therefore the product(s) may no longer be available at a later date.  Any item(s) offered to Only Crumbs Remain by a company for review purposes will be clearly identified and marked with an asterisk (*).  A short statement will also be placed at the bottom of the post making it clear that you are reading a sponsored post and that I may have received an item for review.   Any item which Only Crumbs Remain agrees to receive will be reviewed honestly and any link back to a company providing an item to review will receive a 'no-follow' attribution, in accordance with Google guidelines.

Affiliate Links
Within some posts I shall share products, sold via Amazon, which may be of use should you want to try the recipe and for baking in general.   Should you follow the link to and purchase one of the items I shall receive a small percentage of the cost as payment.  This will be at no extra cost to yourself.  These items will be clearly marked as an affiliate product.  Amazon will use cookies to help it identify sales of the products referenced by Only Crumbs Remain.       

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If you choose not to change your browser settings, you consent to the use of cookies on this website.

From July 2015, Only Crumbs Remain uses a third party analysis provided by Google Analytics to help it with its analysis and success of each area of the site.  The statistics provided will help Only Crumbs Remain tune its content.  You can read Google's Privacy Policy for more detail.

Reader Details / Confidentiality
Should Only Crumbs Remain host a competition or give away, the winner's personal details will be requested in order to fulfil the prize.  These details will remain private and therefore will never be sold or sent to third parties.

From time to time our disclosure policies may be updated.  Last updated 6th July 2017.