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  Our Coconut & Lime Cupcake recipe uses the tropical flavour combination to great effect.  They're easy to make, and perfect as a little family treat, shared with friends and work colleagues, or included in a charity bake sale.  These Lemon & Elderflower Cupcakes are inspired by the forthcoming royal wedding.  They're easy to make and have a lovely delicate flavour.     These Jammie Dodger Cupcakes are perfect for those who love these popular sandwich biscuit.  The cupcakes incorporate the tasty raspberry & white chocolate flavour combo for an extra yummy pimped up treat!     Check out these fun fondant cat cupcakes.  They comprise of a delicious and moist chocolate cupcake which are topped with a chocolate ganache frosting before being decorated as a cute cat with fondant!  Includes video tutorial.    This easy, healthy muffin recipe is packed with goodness.  The muffins are not only perfect for breakfast on the go, but any time you choose.  Being packed with yummy bits & pieces from Muesli & a cheeky handful of chocolate chips every mouthful is deliciously different!   These fun Easter Chick Cupcakes are as easy to make as they are effective.  They're bright and cheerful perfect for a bake sale or Easter party.  The video tutotial further down the page takes you through the process step by step.   These Double Chocolate Orange Cupcakes are a chocoholics dream!  With real chocolate in both the sponge and the buttercream, and finished with an oven-dried slice of orange you'll soon be making another batch of these yummy cupcakes.  Whether you call these Santa Cupcakes or Father Christmas Cupcakes is your choice.  Either way, these super festive cupcakes are a lot of fun, easy to make and would be the perfect addition to the party food for the Christmas festivities.  They'd also be great offered as a small gift to friends, colleagues and neighbours.  Do check out the video to find out how to make these Santa Cupcakes!      These fun Christmas robin cupcakes are perfect for the festivities ahead.  They're super easy to make, largely being shaped with a plain round cookie cutter, making them a fun bake for children to help with.    This fun cupcake recipe is perfect for Halloween parties.  Using the scary spider as the inspiration these cupcakes are topped with a cute homemade spider with liquorice legs atop of a yummy blackcurrant cupcake. These delicious Blackberry and Pear Cupcakes make great use of autumnal fruits.  Making a refreshing change to the traditional blackberry and apple pairing, these cupcakes are filled with a homemade blackberry and pear jam, and topped with an easy mascarpone and white chocolate frosting, a drizzle of seasonal coulis and a fresh blackberry finishes the presentation. These fun cupcakes, styled on a summery ice cream, replicate the delicious flavours of a Black Forest Gateau.   Let your imagination go wild when making these fun Minion themed cupcakes!  They're easy to make, requiring no sculpting or hand shaping and are perfect for a child's party or charity bake sale.  These strawberry cupcakes are a pretty, summery bake.  The inviting drizzle of dark chocolate ganache helps to counter the sweetness of the cupcake and buttercream frosting!  An easy to make beetroot and chocolate muffin style cupcake, which is just as delicious with or without the vibrant pink beetroot frosting.  These cupcakes are beautifully moist, and are punctuated with chocolate chips. These Rhubarb & Strawberry Meringue Cupcakes are a delicious and pretty twist on the classic Lemon Meringue Pie.  The slightly sharp curd filling contrasts beautifully with the sweet marshmallowy Italian meringue.  hese Easter & springtime themed cupcakes are so much fun!  They're surprisingly easy to make and would be perfect for children's parties, family get togethers and charity bake sales. The pink colour of the buttercream frosting make thesae Cherry & Alomd Cupcakes perfect for a girl's birthday, Valentine's day ....... or simply just because. Whether you're taking part in Veganuary, want to make a batch of tasty vegan cupcakes for a vegan friend or relative, or are simply intrigued by egg free and vegan cake recipes, then these easy to make vegan cupcakes, flavoured with the classic combination of chocolate and cherry, are a must try. Cookie Monster Cupcakes, are a fun and easy bake. These easy to make cupcakes use the melting method, and result in a cupcake which is light, soft & flavoursome with chocolate and a hint of Pepsi.  These easy to make muffins make great use of foraged fruit.  The bilberries, similar in appearance to blueberries, are generously packed into the bake bringing a wonderful aroma and flavour. Mint Choc-Chip Cupcakes Recipe.  These mint choc-chip cupcakes not only look pretty but taste amazing too.  Inspired by Ava, our young friend, these cupcakes were decorated with pretty pink flowers and a green 'grass' buttercream. Butterfly Buns with White Chocolate Wings.  The butterfly bun is a firm favourite at any children's party.  In this version of the classic, I have used giant white chocolate buttons which were liberally coated with sprinkles to replicate the colourful symmetrical wings. Chocolate Orange Marbled Cupcakes Recipe.  Made with a marbled Victoria sponge, filled with a chocolate orange ganache & topped with a vanilla frosting, a chocolate orange segment and drizzle, these cupcakes are perfect if you're looking for something a little bit special in a cupcake form. These Simnel Cupcakes are a perfect treat for Easter Lightly flavoured with cardamom and lemon, these easy to make mini bundt cakes are not only a scrumptious treat but are also kinder to the waistline by being noticeably smaller than a muffin sized bun! Infused with a full-bodied Russian Caravan tea and finished with a ruffle of tea flavoured buttercream and faux tea leaves in the form of a few chocolate sprinkles, these simple Victoria sponge cupcakes are packed with flavour!  Inspired by the summertime treat, these '99' styled cupcakes are baked in a flat-bottomed wafer cone.  They are topped with 'icecream' frosting, a chocolate flake and blackberry sauce. These delicious cupcakes, made with a classic Victoria Sponge, are filled with a spiced apple compote.  This is topped with a creme patisserie and crumble.  They are finished with a baked apple slice.  These delicious cupcakes use two elements which are often found together: creamy custard & sharp rhubarb.  The Victoria sponge cakes are filled with a rhubarb compote before being topped with custard.  They are finished off with a piece of roasted rhubarb. These delicious cupcakes, made with a chocolate marbled sponge & topped with a double frosting, see the classic Matchmaker used throughout the bake. A delicious Victoria sponge cupcake, packed with bluberries and lemon zest, and finished with a two-tone swirl of frosting.


 This Rhubarb & Ginger Cake is a version of the popular upside down cake.  It is a lightly spiced cake which is easy to make.  It makes great use of seasonal forced rhubarb which marries well with warming ginger.    This upside down cake recipe is perfect for those who love the chocolate-orange flavour pairing.  Upside down cakes make the most of seasonal fruit, showcasing them to the max.  Although the recipe lists blood oranges, it would work equally well with navel oranges at other times of the year, meaning that you can enjoy this easy, pretty and delicious cake any time you want.    Perfect for special occassions, this Box of Chocolates Cake is shaped to resemble a box of chocolates!  It's made with a simple vanilla flavoured batter, sandwiched together with raspberry jam and buttercream and covered with white chocolate ganache and fondant before being filled with the all important homemade chocolate truffles! Essentially an upside-down cake recipe, this Raspberry & White Chocolate Traybake Cake tastes amazing.  The beautiful slightly sharp raspberries balance well against the sweet creaminess of the white chocolate, which can be found both drizzled over the raspberries and in the sponge cake.  This Gingerbread cake is delicious, flavoursome & aromatic.  Gingerbread Cake is easy to make using the melting method and stores really well, improving as each day passes.  Though when cake tastes this good you'll not want to put it back in the tin!  Upside-down cake recipes make for an interesting everyday cake.  They are incredibly easy to make and are great for an impromptu bake resulting in a great addition to an afternoon tea, with no need for any frosting allowing the fruit to create the interest.   This bilberry upside-down cake makes great use of foraged berries with additional flavour coming from the ground almonds and a touch of lemon zest.    This flavoursome and aromatic strawberry & basil upside-down cake is easy to make.  The colourful pink strawberries, cooked with the cake, negates the need for any frostings.   This lemon drizzle cake, made with olive oil in place of the usual butter, is perfect for a mid-afternoon treat.  What it lacks in aesthetic qualities it makes up for with flavour and lightness.  Wow friends and family with this chocolate orange magic cake, a tray bake style bake, which is equally delicious as it is interesting.  Magic cakes are relatively easy to make, using one batter to produce a cake with three layers.   This delicate genoise cake recipe marries the classic flavour combination of rhubarb and custard, teaming it with orange for extra deliciousness.  It produces a wonderfully delicious light sponge cake which is perfect for sharing over afternoon tea.        These 6 easy to make fondant Christmas characters & shapes make great toppers for cakes, large and small.  They can easily be customised to your own ideas and are great fun to create as a family activity. These mini Christmas Cakes are perfect as a edible gift at Christmas time, or as part of a delicious homemade food hamper. With warming fragrant spice, crowd pleasing chocolate and naturally sweet & nutritious pears, this delicious recipe for pear cake is perfect for the chillier autumn months.  Finishing this seasonal cake with sliced pears, a glaze of apricot jam and a little chocolate ganache removes the temptation to laden it with a sugary frosting.    . The dainty size of this classic bake makes them a quick and pretty bake. These are filled with raspberry jam and Chantilly cream. This flavoursome lemon and thyme flavoured Savarin cake is topped with white chocolate & mascapone frosting, lemon & thyme curd, candid lemon slices and completed with spun sugar spirals.  Savarin is a light yeasted cake which once cooked is soaked with flavoured sugar syrup. These GBBO inspired lime jaffa cakes made a lovely change to the classic orange flavour.  The fat-free sponge is topped with a vegetarian lime flavoured jelly disc before being coated with lime flavoured chocolate! Perfect for the coming colder months, this easy to make beer cake is low in fat & packed with flavour courtesy of the dates, walnuts, spices and stout.    . This Chocolate & Strawberry Drip Cake is my first attempt at this popular design.  It is made with a trple layer vanilla victoria sponge cake, covered with vanilla buttercream frosting before being decorated with chocolate ganache, chocolate shards, chocolate dipped strawberries and dehydrated strawberries. This light and refreshing cake is made with a genoise sponge which is filled with a lemon mousse.  The mousse, being free of raw eggs, is suitable for young children, the elderly and those who may be convalescing having been made with aquafaba. This chocolate orange bundt cake which incorporates mashed sweet potato in the batter truly is delicious and light.  Made with a relatively small quantity of refined sugar, the sweet potato adds a little extra sweetness as well as bringing vitamins and minerals to the baked treat.  It's deinitely one to try! Made from a raspberry & white chocolate triple layered cake, smothered in a white chocolate & mascarpone frosting, illusion cakes (also known as anti gravity cakes) are a lot easier to assemble than you may realise. A delicious and light Genoise sponge cake, filled with cream and an apple & cinnamon compote. Made using the boiling method, this easy to make rich fruit cake is packed with flavour even though it is nut and alcohol free. This delicious carrot cake is moist & light having had meringue folded through it.  Although it doesn't contain the usualy walnuts, it is packed with flavour and stores well. These individual cakes are delicious and moist having been infused with a lemon solution.  They are topped with candied lemon zest. This cake is a lot easier to make than it may appear.  The chocolate orange marbled sponge cake is sandwiched with orange curd before being coated with a white chocolate ganache frosting.  Chocolate orange segments were used for the collar work. Made using the melting method, this cake is packed with flavour and is really easy to make.

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