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Baking Crumbs - Oct 2018

Welcome to October's #BakingCrumbs linky!  This month I'm sharing some sad, yet exciting, news with you as well as showcasing 15 autumn recipes that are perfect to try now that summer has passed for another year.  Also, find out which recipe we chose to recreate in the Only Crumbs Remain kitchen. 

Recipes perfect for Autumn

How time flies!

Can you believe that we're already in October; GBBO is about half way through, Strictly has started and the shops are already gearing up for (I'll say it quietly) Christmas with mince pies and the likes on the shelves!  For me, we're still very much in Autumn and I'd like to celebrate that wonderful season which is packed with crunchy leaves underfoot, bonfire night, and darkening cosy evenings with 15 fabulous recipes that were shared in the #BakingCrumbs linky last month, hosted by the lovely Jo, which are perfect for a spot of Autumn baking.

But first, some news...

I'll come straight out with it rather than dressing it up.

I have decided to hang up my blogging apron. 😭

It's a decision that I've taken with a heavy heart, but after three and a half years of blogging (I'll say it again, time flies!) I feel the time is right.  A significant proportion of my time and thoughts now are tied up with my new found love of working with clay and 'throwing' at the potter's wheel.  Sadly there aren't enough hours in the day to do everything, as much as I'd love to, so something has to give.

As sad as I feel to leave my blogging antics behind I feel the time is right to embrace the clay and take the exciting, yet scary, initial steps to sell a few pieces, though more about that shortly.

During my time blogging I've learnt an enormous amount from how to take a reasonable picture, through to an incredible amount of techie stuff, and of course have seriously upped my baking game to make a some delicious treats and bakes in that time.  Even better than that though I've also met, virtually speaking, some wonderful people who are kind in so many ways.  I shall really miss my blogging buddies, who all encourage, rally and cheer. I sincerely hope we shall keep in touch 😘.

I've also dearly loved receiving wonderful comments from readers, either on social media or via email, who have tried my bakes and loved them.  It was always such a lift to my day to receive messages like that, not to mention those who have asked if I could bake for their wedding and family events!  Such a compliment!

Of course, being a huge fan of baking (that shall never change), I shall still be getting the flour and sugar out of the cupboard and whipping up a few treats.  It just won't be quite as often as it was.  I think my trouser buttons may appreciate that!  And of course being a fan of Instagram I shall still be sharing my bakes over on the grid (go on, give me a follow if you don't already!)

And whilst you're following me on Instagram, did you know I also have another Instagram page called Yorkshire Ceramics all about my pottery antics!  If you like the sorts of pieces that I make (small plates and bowls that are perfect either for kitchenware or food photography, containers and bud bases and the likes) you might like to check out my Etsy shop too, also called Yorkshire Ceramics.  A little heads up for you now, there will be a shop update in a few days time, so keep your eyes peeled and your fingers crossed that everything survives the intense heat of the glaze firing!

Greenware bowls, containers and a bud vase about to be fired. Delicate bisqueware about to be glazed.

So, I bid you a fond farewell, though I hope it's more au revoir rather than goodbye 👋

But what about the Baking Crumbs linky?

Thankfully the ever so lovely Jo of Jo's Kitchen Larder has agreed to continue hosting the linky, thank you Jo it means a lot.  The Baking Crumbs linky is now her baby, so I do hope you will continue to give her your support and continue to link up your bakes in the months to come.

Will I still be able to access your recipes?

Yes, you certainly can for the time being.  Although I shalln't be bringing new content and recipes to Only Crumbs Remain, the blog will still remain on line for you to grab the recipes that you love.  Feel free to print them off if you like them for future reference, as in March (2019) the URL subscription will expire and at that point it will be unlikely that I will renew it.

15 Autumn Recipes.

So, after that bombshell, with my eyes wiped, let's enjoy some lovely autumn recipes.  As always if something tempts you simply click on the recipe title in green to be taken to the recipe post.

Desserts to make in Autumn
 (clockwise from top left)
  • I ask you, what's not to love about a rustic homemade rhubarb galette (a fancy French term for a pie made without a pie tin).   As Debbie, from Proper Foodie, tells us they're super easy to make, very forgiving  and perfect for serving with lashings of custard. 
  • Just check out that colour!  It's all courtesy of blackberries!  I can highly recommend using some, if you have some left over from foraging, in Sylvie's Blackberry Upside Down Cake.  
  • I'm sure that you'll agree that Nickki's Chocolate sour Cream Banana Cake looks sooooo very tempting!
  • I think most people enjoy a lemon bake of some kind, but have you ever teamed the lemon with thyme?  No?  Well both Cat and I can highly recommend you do!  They work so incredibly well together, so do check out her recipe for Lemon & Thyme Drizzle Traybake.

Biscuit and cookie recipes
 (clockwise from top left)
  • If you're feeling in need of a cookie, allow me to introduce you to Jhules' Chocolate Chunk Marshmallow Cookies!  Chubby, chewy, crispy on the edge and ooey gooey yumminess from the marshmallows.  And if that wasn't enough there is chocolate in every single bite!  What are you waiting for! 
  • Brandy Snaps, like these from Jacqui, would be a great treat during the chillier days with the warming heat of ginger and a little brandy in them too.  If you've ever wondered how to make them check out Jacqui's clear step by step recipe.  Not only does she she share her top tips, but she also tells us that they're a regional biscuit from Yorkshire - my neck of the woods! 
  • If you're a fan of custard creams, how about taking them to the next level and adding a few chunks of white chocolate to the dough like Helen did with these Custard & White Chocolate Biscuits.  They're super easy to make too, even her young son found these a doddle!
  • My mouth is watering at the thought of Kate's Roasted Fruits Flapjack .  The aroma whilst a punnet or two of late summer fruits are roasted sounds amazing - and the flapjack must taste amazing once the fruits with their concentrated flavours are added to the flapjack mixture and baked.

Recipes to try
(clockwise from top left)
  • With autumn here and plenty of windfall apples about Choclette's Apple Cider Scones, made with delicious and easier to digest wholemeal spelt flour, are definitely the way to go.
  • I'm totally loving the sound of these Double Chocolate CreamCheese Muffins from Jo, not only are they packed with chocolate yumminess coming from the cocoa powder and chocolate chips, a cream cheese mixture flavoured with vanilla is swirled through the batter bringing even more visual and flavour interest.  They'd be great for an autumn pic-nic or lunch box treat.
  • Given that most of us love fruit crumble, I think Jenny's Peach Melba Crumble Traybake is a total winner.  It ticks so many boxs - it's seasonal, a great bake for using up fruit, easy to make, and perfect served as a cake with a cuppa or as a dessert with some custard!
  • How does a piece (ok, let's be honest here, a handful or two) of this super easy Malteser's Fudge from Kat grab you?  Yes?  Then you'll need to grab her recipe (click the green text) which is super easy and involves no boiling or sugar thermometers!

Autumn recipes
(left to right)
  • With autumn already here and the winter months fast approaching I'm sure it's not just Debbie (and both Mr E & I for that matter) who crave carbs.  Even carb on carb meals!  So how about making those carb heavy meals a little healthier with Debbie's Spicy Sweet Potato Beef Burgers, and she even shares another variation making them perfect for vegetarians too.
  • Pumpkin recipes with their delicious spicing are starting to make an appearance now that autumn is here.  This Pumpkin & Cinnamon Pull Apart Bread from Jo looks an absolute belter and pretty straight forward to make too! 
  • Imagine those lazy weekend breakfasts.  Coffee.  Tea.  Pain au Chocolate.  Well, as luck would have it, Jenny over at Apply to Face Blog has shared all of her hints and tips for making the most amazing Pain au Chocolate that are packed with wonderful flaky buttery laminations!

What we recreated in the Only Crumbs Remain kitchen this month...


Easy Malteser Fudge recipe

The recipe we chose to try from those linked up this month was Kat's Malteser's Fudge.

Those who know me or are familiar with Only Crumbs Remain will no doubt know of my love of making homemade fudge.  There are numerous traditional fudge recipes here on the blog, but being traditional they call for the sugar, butter and cream to be boiled to within an inch of their life!  Kat's Malteser Fudge demanded non of that.  No exessive heat.  No splatters from molten sugar.  No aching arms from continuous stirring and beating.  Just a simple melting recipe, a quick stir and Bob's your Uncle (who ever Bob is!)

Needless to say this fudge, which is studded with Maltesers, didn't hang around long.  Friends at clay class soon demolished the half tray I shared with them, whilst the exact same response was shown when Mr E shared the remainder with his office colleagues!     

You can find lots of other great treats and bakes over on Kat's blog, The Baking Explorer.

Now onto October's #BakingCrumbs Linky. 


If you've got a bake to share, join in with #BakingCrumbs!

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