Wednesday, 1 August 2018

Baking Crumbs - August 2018

Welcome to August's #BakingCrumbs linky!  This is the place for bloggers to share their baking recipes, and non-bloggers to find new ideas to whet their appetite.  This post contains a full round up of July's bakes where I also highlight what I tried from the recipes linked up!  

24 bakes from July's #BakingCrumbs linky, with lots of #BakingInspiration with #ChocolateRecipes, #Recipes that use #SeasonalBerries, as well as #IdeasForBakingWithChildren and some #NoBakeDesserts..

With the weather here in the UK having been incredibly dry and hot these past few weeks many people have been reluctant to turn their oven on, myself included.  Nobody wants to make their home feel any hotter than it already does,  so it was amazing that some braved the heat and got their bake on last month with some seriously scrummy ideas.  We're talking mouth watering recipes which make the most of summer berries, yummy chocolate bakes, lots of recipes which are perfect for getting the children involved with, as well as some no-bake desserts which would be perfect if the weather turns hot again!       

As always, if you're tempted by any of the recipes in the round up below simply click on the recipe title in green to find out more, you can also check out the bakes linked up this month by clicking on the thumbnail images found towards the bottom of the post.  And for those of you curious to learn what we re-created in the Only Crumbs Remain kitchen from all of the bakes linked up last month do keep reading and all will be revealed!

But first ...

#BakingCrumbs is changing!


I know many of you know first hand how much fun it is to host a linky: getting to know the bloggers who join in each month, drooling over their bakes, as well as sharing that inspiration on social media and here on the blog. But the flip side of that coin is how much time it can command.

So, Jo of Jo's Kitchen Larder who did an amazing job guest hosting #BakingCrumbs for me back in May has kindly agreed to be my co-host!  Yay 😁!

#BakingCrumbs will remain a monthly linky for all of your fabulous bakes, with Jo and myself taking it in turns to be the hostess.  We will both continue to comment, share and pin your bakes, as well as re-making one of the recipes in our own kitchen to showcase in the roundup.  Although much of the way that #BakingCrumbs has functioned over the past year will remain unchanged, I'm afraid that the round up will change.  We will produce a 'highlight' style round up aiming to include as many bakes as possible.

Both Jo and I hope you understand the reason for the changes and continue to join in with the baking fun.

So onto the bakes ...  

Fun Recipes for Baking with Children.


Fun recipes for baking with children.
  • I just love how Kate's gluten free Jammy Thumb Print Cookies transport me back to my childhood - they were such a fun bake back then and they're still a fun bake now.
  • Making your own homemade Mini Pizza's, just like these from Debbie at Proper Foodie, is a great activity to keep the children entertained during the long summer holidays.
  • If you're after a super easy and yummy cake with a fun swirl through the middle, how about trying Cat's Raspberry & Vanilla Swirl Sheet Cake!

Recipes using Summer Berries.


Recipes using summer berries.
(clockwise from top left)
  • Colourful summer berries are great used in bakes right now, just like Jo's Strawberry Muffins with White Chocolate Drizzle.
  • Jenny's Strawberry Shortcake are an American version of our much loved British scones, but  even lighter.   Don't they look fabulous with the strawberries poking out from beneath the generous dollop of double cream!
  • My Strawberry Cupcakes are packed with strawberry yumminess from the freeze dried strawberries in the sponge cake, the strawberry jam hiding in the centre of the cake, to the fresh strawberries used as the crowning glory to the homemade strawberry buttercream frosting! Strawberry heaven!
  • With summer berries in abundance how about trying Helen's super easy Berry Crumble Slice!  With masses of summer berries topped with a crumble, what's not to like!

Bakes that include Veggies. 


Bakes that include veggies.

Yummy Chocolate Recipes.


Yummy Chocolate Recipes.
(Clockwise from top left)
  • This Double Chocolate Cake with Spiced Pears from Sylvie at The Foodie Journey, looks incredibly inviting and having read that there is real chocolate alongside a great choice of warming spices I'll definitely be giving it a try when autumn arrives here in the UK!   
  • Chocolate Muffins are always a winner, just like these which Helen made with her young children.
  • If you're a fan of the humble Bourbon Biscuit (and I mean, who isn't!), you need to check out Jenny's Bourbon Biscuit Cake.  It's totally inspired.  And looks totally yum!
  • For those who love Middle Eastern Flavours these Coffee Chocolate Chip Cookies with Cardamom from Choclette, are definitely worth checking out.  Plus she's also hosting a fab giveaway of quality Pacari chocolate, open until 4th August 2018. 

No Bake Dessert Ideas.


No Bake Desserts
(from L>R)
  • Does the sound of Gluten Free Alchemist's no bake Lemon Ginger and Dark Chocolate Tart with its 'explosion of flavours and textures which compliment and contrast each other, whilst exciting each and every taste bud' get your mouth watering at the mere thought of it?  It does mine!
  • If you're lucky enough to have got your hands on some yummy seasonal gooseberries Glutarama's Gooseberry Fool Crumble could be just the recipe you need.   Plus it's free of gluten, dairy and eggs.
  • Caroline's Oreo Marshmallow Fluff Cheesecake is another great no-bake dessert perfect for these warm summer evening that we've been enjoying.

Showstopper Cakes

Showstopper Cakes
  • Kat's White Forest Cake, made with white chocolate, seasonal British cherries, plus a hit of kirsch, is a delicious twist on the popular Black Forest Gateau.
  • Do you remember those retro Iced Gem Biscuits that were really dinky, cute and, erm, yummy?  Well here's a cake version from the very talented Amanda who shares here tips and tricks in her Retro Iced Gem Cake Tutorial.
  • How inviting does Nickki's Chocolate Cherry Drip Cake look.  I mean, with 4 layers of indulgent soft fudgey chocolate cake sandwiched together with cherry conserve, and covered with a beautiful pink cherry vanilla buttercream, seductive drips of chocolate ganache and finished with fresh juicy cherries, what more do you need!

Recipes with Meringue / Smores. 


Recipes finished with meringue / smores

Recipes from Around the World.


Recipes from around the world
  • If you're looking for something a bit different then Anca's Rijstevlaai recipe, a sort of rice pudding in a pie (made with a yeasted pastry to keep it lovely and soft) which hails from Belgium could be just the thing. 
  • I realise that we're in middle of a wonderful summer here in the UK, but in Australia, where Johanna the author of Green Gourmet Giraffe lives, they're in the depths of winter - the perfect excuse surely to have friends and family round for a Christmas in July roast dinner including a Nut Roast with Herb and Tomato Layers (and candy cane pizzas for the children!).  Surely one to pin ready for the festive season. 
  • How does a French Apple Cake, from Jhuls at The Not So Creative Cook grab you?  It definitely gets the thumbs up from me. 

What we recreated in the Only Crumbs Remain kitchen this month...


Berry Crumble Bars from Helen at Cooking with my Kids.
The bake we chose to try from those linked up this month was Helen's Berry Crumble Bars.

The thought of seasonal berries, an easy to make dough, and a crumble topping sounded just up my street - after all I'm a huge fan of fruit crumbles and trying it as a traybake was singing loud and clear to me.  In fact having some partially defrosted fruits to hand (I ended up using a mixture of raspberries and mango pieces) after defrosting our freezer proved to be a really great way of putting them to good yummy use. 

It certainly lived up to expectation, and being a crumble fan those expectations were high.  It was simply divine.  The fruit juices turned deliciously sticky and jammy around the edge.  The base and crumble topping (made with the same dough) was wonderfully buttery as well as a doddle to make too.  It was just the treat we needed after a long day, and soon disappeared when we shared the pieces with hubby's work colleagues.

You can find lots of child friendly recipes over at Helen's blog,  Cooking with my Kids.

Now onto August's #BakingCrumbs Linky. 


If you've got a bake to share, join in with #BakingCrumbs!

Baking Crumbs is for all of those sweet and savoury bakes, where there's the potential for crumbs! Pies and pastries, cookies and flapjacks, cakes and cupcakes, brownies, meringues........

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  • Where applicable include the source of the recipe, though do use your own photos.
  • Join me in making this a great baking community by sharing the blogging and baking love!  Do spend some time commenting on, sharing, and stumbling those bakes which catch your eye using the #BakingCrumbs hashtag so people know where you've come from! 
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What you can expect from Jo & myself:


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  1. what an amazing round up of recipes. I'm hardly finding any time for baking at all since i started a new job, or blogging, or even reading blogs at the moment. Roll on bake off time of year - that usually gets me in the kitchen again!! Hope things are good with you x

    1. There's some great inspiration isn't there. Yes, I totally agree, roll on Bake Off - I love watching and baking along with that show it always pushes me out of my baking comfort zone to try new techniques and ideas. I know just wat you mean - it can be so difficult finding time to fit everything in, but yes everything is good thankyou - trust you're doing good and going from strength to strength with your new hip.
      Angela xx

  2. So many wonderful bakes. I've added one to this month's linky, I hope you like it. :) x

    1. Brilliant Anca, I love the idea of using Black Forest flavours in an eclair - yum,
      Angela x

  3. I always enjoy browsing through the bakes - your way of ordering them into themes always seems so neat - thanks for including my bakes - will look forward to seeing your new presentation

  4. Mmmm - lovely bakes :-) Making me so hungry :-)

  5. Fantastic round up as always Angela and thanks for such a lovely introduction! x I think we all need sweet treats despite the heat lol so hoping for some lovely bakes this month too! Cannot wait to see what recipes August brings, it looks delicious so far! xx

    1. My pleasure Jo - it's great to have you on board :-) It certainly is looking a delicious month xx

  6. A brilliant idea to add Jo to the linky, Kate and I wouldn't be able to do it ourselves each month, I have no idea how people can to weekly linkies! Thank you for adding my Gooseberry Fol sweetheart, I've been blogging less recently while life outside the blog has become more demanding but I've had a recent burst of energy so making good use of it! xx

    1. Argh a weekly linky would definitely be waaaay too much - thankfully Jo has agreed to be my sidekick so we can bounce ideas around together and share the work. Yay for having a burst of energy rebecca, take care xx

  7. Lovely round up Angela! I am so tempted by some of these as usual. I'm actually managing to do quite a bit of baking at the moment although far less blogging because of the summer holidays. I totally understand the reason for the changes - I tried to do a full round up for cook once eat twice for ages and then had to change to a highlight one because I just didn't have the time. I think Jo will be a great co-host too x

    1. Yay for managing to do some baking :-D It's amazing how much time hosting a linky demands isn't it - and thankfully Jo agreed to be my sidekick - hurrah :-D I enjoyed do a full round up of all the enteries shared and grouping them together but being realistic it was taking far too much of my time so sadly changes had to be made. Hopefully the new routine will work for both Jo and myself.
      Angela xx

  8. I am drooling all over my keyboard right now, what an amazing round up! Sorry I disappeared for a bit there, can't wait to catch up on all these new recipes! :) xx

    1. Hey it's summer Amanda - that's what summer is all about - I hope you've had a great time anyway with thatever you've been doing. Loving the new tutorial too it's right up my& hubby's street with us both enjoying watching wildlife :-)
      Angela x

  9. hi, has the linky ended or is there a glitch? It says subscription expired where the linky should be … if it's not too late I'd like to add my cake!

    1. Hi Caroline, the linky closed yesterday I'm afraid (end of Monday 27th), the new linky will be open with Jo on the 1st when you'd be more than welcome to link it up xx


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