Friday, 27 April 2018

Optimum Vac2 Vacuum Blender Review

Find out what we think of Froothie's latest blender, the Optimum Vac2 Vacuum blender.

The Optimum Vac2 Vacuum Blender from Froothie

Being the owner of a somewhat ancient stick blender, which ought to reside in a museum,  I have to confess that I've often felt a little envious of others who have a powerful blender.  I'm sure you know the sort of blenders I mean.  We're talking those which turn fruits into deliciously smooth smoothies in the blink of an eye, chickpeas into the smoothest hummus ever, as well as pulverising nuts to create not only ground nuts but also homemade nut butters!

Froothie's Vac2 Vacuum Blender

Having received an email from the lovely people at Froothie (affiliate link) who asked if I'd like to try out their newest blender to hit the market, the Optimum Vac2 Vacuum Blender*,  I couldn't resist setting our old stick blender aside to try something a far more modern & powerful.  The thought of effortless smoothies, guacamole, nut butters, cauliflower rice, and so on, was too much to resist.

The Optimum Vac2 Vacuum Blender at a glance.


The Optimum Vac2 Blender's control panel

Froothie's Optimum Vac2 Vacuum Blender (affiliate link) spec list is impressive to say the least.  It is a powerful commercial grade blender which boasts a 2238w motor, comes complete with a stainless steel 6 blade assembly and a generous 2L jug perfect for making the whole family those delicious smoothies which we all enjoy.  The blender can be controlled with either the easy touch preset functions (Smoothie, Veg&Fruit, Nuts, Soup and Pulse, as well as the Vacuum function) or the equally easy manual control where the desired time duration is input and the speed cranked up through 8 settings with the use of a dial.  The Vac2 blender comes complete with a 5 year domestic warranty (which can be increased to 10 years for an addition fee) and is available in 3 colours; red, silver and black. 

The Vacuum function.

Optimum Vac2 Vacuum Blender

The exciting thing about Froothie's newest blender is the vacuum function!  No, it's not going to take over Henry's job twice a week, but rather it's a new function which sucks the air from the jug before the contents are blended.  We all know how quickly apples, for instance, discolour when they're sliced or bitten into through contact with the air, known as oxidisation, leading to the breakdown of the nutritional content, and basically looking very unappetising.

Put simply, when the 70 second vacuum function is used before either the Smoothie or Fruit&Veg functions are selected (there's no need to use it with the other preset functions) the air is drawn out of the jug before being blended which, Froothie claims, gives a longer shelf life to foods where all nutrients are maintained.    

But is it a gimmick or does it really work?

Well, I'm unable to say from a scientific point of view because like all households I'm unable to record the quantity of vitamins in our ingredients, but what I can do is share with you a series of pictures which shows two drinks taken over a period of 48 hours, one where the vacuum wasn't used and the other made with the use of the vacuum function.  After all, a picture tells a thousand words.

Strawberry Smoothie made without using the vacuum function in Froothie's Vac2 blender
A strawberry smoothie made WITHOUT the vacuum function.  It was stored in the fridge between pictures being taken.

Raspberry & Mango Smoothie made using the vacuum function in Froothie's Vac2 blender
A raspberry & mango smoothie made WITH the vacuum function.  It was stored in the fridge between pictures being taken.

I know which I'd rather drink, and it isn't the strawberry one!

Froothie's Recipe Book.


The recipe book Recipe ideas for the Vac2

Alongside the user manual, tamper and replacement vacuum buttons, was a 70 page recipe book which is packed with 74 recipes to provide inspiration, from smoothies and shakes to snacks, homemade cheese, meals and even desserts!   

What we've made in our Optimum Vac2 so far.


Having been the proud owner of the Optimum Vac2 for two or three weeks now, we've made a host of different things.  In fact it's been put to good use pretty much everyday.

Smoothies & Juices.

We started the ball rolling with a gorgeous mixed berry smoothie, with added banana and cashew milk. 

A pimped up mixed berry smoothie
Mum and I thoroughly enjoyed Choclette's Beetroot Juice with Orange & Ginger which was satisfying and surprisingly filling, though our favourite to press is a simple Raspberry & Mango Smoothie.     

Raspberry and Mango Smoothie

The blender makes short work of blending up fresh / defrosted  fruits, though understandably it takes a little longer to create a truly smooth smoothie with frozen ingredients.

Cauliflower Rice.


Cauliflower Rice

We've finally jumped on the cauliflower rice bandwagon too.  Having seen so much love for this fascinating use of cauliflower and being reticent to pay a proverbial arm and leg for some from the local supermarket we have now been able to make our own.  We bound it together with an egg and a little cheese to make a gorgeous cauliflower crust pizza, something which we'll definitely be making again.

Cauliflower crust pizza topped with roasted beetroot and goats' cheese
The cauliflower was cut up into florets and processed in the blender in two batches using the manual setting to give us control over how fine the 'rice' became. The blender took just a few short seconds to cut through the raw veg to produce cauliflower rice.    

Ground Nuts and Nut Butter.


Ground almonds

I was amazed at how quickly the Optimum Vac2 took to create some fabulous ground almonds, something I would never have dreamt of doing with our old stick blender.  Despite having the option to use the 'nut' preset function we again chose to grind the almonds on the manual setting, meaning we had a little more control over how fine the end result would be.  It took just 30 seconds on the comparatively sedate speed setting of 1.  And when I say sedate, trust me, it's really quite fast!

Since making our own homemade ground almonds, we've also used the Optimum Vac2 to make some ground hazelnuts, which was equally as easy.

We've even made some amazing pistachio nut butter too.  Here we chose to use the preset 'nut' function, which runs for 30 seconds in bursts of 10 second pulses on speed 8.  If you've ever read about making nut butters you may be aware that it can take several minutes of blending (and I mean several) before the oils are released and you have a lusciously smooth nut butter.  Ours took 12 minutes (24 'nut' cycles) which I was really impressed with. 

We've also enjoyed an impressively smooth homemade hummus, as well as a guacamole, and although we've not tried the soup function as yet I'm reliably lead to believe from Monika at Everyday Healthy Recipes and Nico at Yumsome that it makes the most amazing soup from raw ingredients with the 6 minute preset soup function.

Froothie's Optimum Vac2 blender control panel

What we love about the Vac2.


Well, it's pretty safe to say that the Optimum Vac2 has definitely out performed our old stick blender!  I also think the fact that we have used the blender pretty much every day is testament to how much we've enjoyed using it and how useful it has been. 
  • The vacuum function helps to make the most amazing smoothies which, if you have some left over, last well in the fridge.
  • It's certainly helped us to increase our fruit & veg count.
  • It's allowed us to make more things at home rather than buying them ready made from the supermarket.
  • It's incredibly easy to use, though with use we have found that some foods were better processed with the preset functions and other with the manual function.  It's simply a case of having a little play.

What we're not so keen on.


To be upfront and honest, I think that it's important for me to mention that as much as I'm loving Froothie's new blender, there are one or two small points which I'm not so keen.
  • The noise level.  In common with most blenders, I guess it's expected to make quite a bit of noise (this one runs at 83dBA).  This said though, having a powerful motor at your disposal means that a host of foods can be blended super quickly and efficiently.   
  • Removing the lid after use with the vacuum function is a little difficult, though this did give Mr E the chance to flex his (weedy) muscles!    
  • The height.  Standing at an impressive 51.5cm tall, this is an imposing piece of kit, and depending upon how your kitchen is configured it may not fit under your standard kitchen wall units.  At the moment ours is living on top of the fridge and is moved to the work surface when required.


How much the Optimum Vac 2 costs & reader offer.


Froothie, at the time of writing, are holding a Spring Sale, meaning that if you'd like to order an Optimum Vac2 Air Vacuum Blender (affiliate link), it will cost £389 saving you £110.
  • Save a further £20.  I can also offer you an extra discount of £20 from this or any other Froothie Blender (affiliate link).  Use the code AMB20 when you order through my link.
  • Free P&P.  If you order it, or any other Froothie appliance (affiliate link) by following these links I can offer Only Crumbs Remain readers free P&P. Just add the phrase '5409 free ambassador delivery' to the comment box when ordering. If ordering by phone, just mention the code. The delivery charge will be credited back onto your card.
  • 0% finance. You may also like to know that Froothie (affiliate link) offer a 0% finance deal on purchases of £299 or more (T&C's apply), with a 10% deposit and the remaining balance spread over 6 months.
Froothie provide a 30 day money back guarantee with free return postage costs.

Please note, this post contains Affiliate links to Froothie.  If you were to purchase one of these items I will receive a small commission, though do rest assured that you won't be paying a penny more!  Thank you for supporting Only Crumbs Remain and the Froothie brand.

*  Also note, I received the blender for the purpose of the review.  As always all comments are honest and my own.

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  1. Great and informative review! Love your photos too - they're stunning!

    1. Thankyou so much Kat, that's so lovely of you to say :-)
      Angela x

  2. Great review, Angela, and as Kat said, lovely photos too.

    After reading yours and everyone else's reviews of the VAC2, I've come to the conclusion that I must have a duff one because the vacuum function on mine does nothing at all, and makes no difference to the juices and smoothies I've experimented with. I'm not bothered though because I'm not a fan of juice, and I'm not big on smoothies either, ha ha!

    Thanks so much for the link to yumsome - I must admit I make more soups than anything else in my blender. They're soooo good! xx

    1. Aw thankyou Nico :-) Isn't that strange Nico, I wonder if you could perhaps try replaceing the soft buttons on top of the cup & vac outlet bar incase there was a tiny little puncture in one - and then even though you're not a smoothie fan you could still use it with the Fruit&Veg function.
      You're welcome Nico, we defo need to try the soup function - especially now it's turned a little chilly again!
      Angela x

    2. I couldn't get it to work at first either Nico, but I found that if I held the arm down firmly for the first few seconds it was fine.

      And I forgot to say in my other comment Angela, but do you release the vacuum before trying to open the lid? I just press the soft button bit and this seems to release it.

    3. Yeah that's exactly what I do Choclette, I get there in the end though :-)
      Angela x

  3. Great idea to use it for cauliflower rice! I also know what you mean about trying to get the lid off after using the vacuum function. Even after pressing the valve and releasing the air, it's still a struggle!

    1. Thankyou Cathy, it worked a treat on the cauliflwer rice. Yeah, it is difficult isn't it - though I guess that's the nature of vacuums. At first I thought I was doing it wrong with it being such a struggle but alas not.
      Angela x

  4. I loved reading this review Angela. It was done with your usual flair for high quality content and was thoroughness. I know what you mean about the noise, but there's not much getting away from it if you want that sort of power. The G2.3 is significantly quieter, but it doesn't do quite such a good job as this one. Gotta feel sorry for that poor stick blender.

    1. Aw thankyou so much Choclette, that means a lot :-) Haha, our poor stick blender - it's been with us for years lol :-) I totally agree, you can't really have one without the other - it's so good to have something which can get through tasks that would never have been possible before :-)
      Angela x

  5. Also forgot to say. Really pleased you tried the beetroot juice and liked it :D

    1. It was really lovely Choclette, Mum and I really enjoyed it :-)
      Angela x


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