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Baking Crumbs - November 2017

Welcome to November's #BakingCrumbs linky!  This is the place for bloggers to share their baking recipes, and non-bloggers to find new recipes to whet their appetite.  This post contains a full round up of October's bakes and I also highlight what I made from the collection!   

#BakingCrumbs October roundup

Already we're into November, which not only means I can begin thinking about how I'm going to celebrate my birthday, but it also means the start of a new #BakingCrumbs linky and a look back at the amazing treats and bakes shared by some fabulous bloggers during October.

Last month saw an a huge 29 recipes linked up to the #BakingCrumbs linky.  Yes 29!  That's so amazing considering it's  such a new linky!  Thank you so much to everybody who linked up and shared the baking fun. 😊

Baking Crumbs Facebook Group!

To continue with the baking fun I've opened a new FaceBook group called 'Baking Crumbs' which you're welcome to join!  And no, you don't have to be a blogger to join in the baking fun!  Here you can share images of your recent bakes (successful & perhaps less so), ask fellow members for advice on baking techniques & ingredients and even share the joy of a new product which has improved your baking exploits!

Back to October's bakes!

It's perhaps no surprise that we saw many amazing seasonal recipes linked up in October.  There were many pumpkin recipes (perfect if you've got some pulp to use following your Halloween mischief), some warming recipes which will be great for bonfire night and let's not forget the scary Halloween bakes which I must encourage you to 'pin' ready for next year's mischief! 

Although GBBO came to an exciting finale last night, which means that 'the blogger's bake along' will finish for another year, I am envisiging some inspiring Christmas bakes starting to be shared soon! With that in mind I'm more than happy, if you're a blogger, for you to continue linking up to 3 recipes per month.

And if you're not a blogger, do check out the bakes which whet your appetite by simply clicking on the recipe title in green!  You can also find out about the recipes linked up this month by clicking on the thumbnail images in this month's 'linky' towards the bottom of the post.   

4 Halloween Bakes

So, yes, Halloween has passed for another year but there's nothing stopping you from pinning these great bakes for next year's inspiration!

Fun Halloween bakes
(clockwise from top left)
  • Don't you just adore the ghost topping Kate's gluten free Pumpkin Mini Rolls!  I just want to call him Casper (remember that cute friendly ghost character?!)  Kate's bake sounds gorgeous, and relatively easy too, with the lovely warming spices of cinnamon, ginger and all spice.
  • Kat's Slime Cupcakes really do look the part with their creepy eyes, and green 'toxic' buttercream ... they're also filled with a 'radiocative slime'!   Scary ... but yummy! 
  • How much fun is Monika's Pumpkin Ricotta Cake, decorated simply with icing sugar as a Jack-o'-lantern.  Though I must add this cake is more than just a bit of fun, it sounds delicious with the addition of spices, ricotta for that cheesecake type of vibe and a great way of using pumpkin. 
  • These Blackcurrant & Liquorice Spider Cupcakes, made by myself in the Only Crumbs Remain kitchen are super easy to make.  The blackcurrant cupcakes are topped with a 'scary' liquorice legged spider! 

4 Pumpkin Recipes

Pumpkin recipes
(clockwise from top left)
  • Steamed puddings are a must for the autumn and winter months, and Jo who blogs at Jo's Kitchen Larder has created this family favourite with some wonderful flavours to create a Pumpkin & Plum Conserve Steamed Pudding!   Do check out her recipe where she shares some great tips if your new to making your own steamed puddings.
  • If you're looking for recipes to use up pumpkin puree, how about in Monika's Dairy Free Pumpkin Brownies?   She cleverly marbled the pumpkin mixture into the brownie batter which not only creates extra interest when it's sliced into but allows each flavour to sing!  
  • Three words to describe Jo's Pumpkin Cinnamon Muffins with Plum Jam:  Autumn.  Easy. Yummy.  
  • I'm a huge fan of dates in baked treats, they bring so much flavour and natural sweetness!  Debbie incrorporated a generous handful in her Spiced Pumpkin Muffins with Dates and Coconut Sugar which must have been so good with the warming spice and pumpkin.

2 Treats Perfect for Bonfire Night

Recipes for bonfire night
  • I have such fond memories of my maternal Grandma making batch upon batch of Parkin for us at this time of year.  The same sounds to be true for Debbie, of proper Foodie, who created this batch of delicious Parkin, with its warming ginger spice and packed with dark black treacle.  Yum!
  • Choclette, who blogs over at Tin and Thyme, has shared this scrumptious sounding Toffee Apple Hazelnut Cake which as she says would be perfect for bonfire night.... and then she finishes it with a smoked salted caramel sauce!  Bring on bonfire night!  

4 Delicious Cake Recipes

cake recipes
(clockwise from top left)
  • What do you get when you combine Coffee, Whiskey & Baileys Irish Cream? Deliciousness just for adults, that's what, in the form of this fabulous Irish Coffee Cake (or cupcake!) with Baileys Cream from Jacqui over at Recipes Made Easy.  I can just imagine it being a great addition to a festive buffet this year!
  • Although Kate, of Gluten Free Alchemist, entitles this cake as a Mocha Celebration Cake, in all reality who needs a celebration or reason to enjoy a delicious cake?   Not only is it gluten free, as you would expect from Kate, but it's also nut free, rice free and can be made dairy free too! 
  • Need I say more than Jaffa Cake Celebration Cake?  Other than get the kettle on Jenny, I'm popping round for a slice!  I just adore the chocolate-orange combo!
  • Apple and cinnamon is winning combinaton for so many people, so how about trying it in Rebecca's free-from apple and cinnamon cake recipe!  It's such a great way of using up a few apples. 

4 Dessert Recipes

Once you have your dessert, the next decision is custard, cream or ice cream!
Autumn dessert ideas
(clockwise from top left)
  • Autumn is definitely the time for homemade crumbles!  Nico, from Yumsome, has shared this wonderful Spiced Plum Crumble finished with toasted almonds, which would be amazing served with your preferred cream, custard or ice cream.  I must admit I'm a custard sorta gal!  
  • Just check out the beautiful crimp to Rebecca's gluten free Old Fashioned Apple Pie crust!  I'm more than sure Paul Hollywood would be impressed.
  • How does Toffee Apple & Pecan Steamed Pudding grab you?  Well it certainly was a winner with Helen's family.  I've no idea why 😉
  • Our Blackberry & Pear Spiced Lattice Crust Pie is decorative as well as delicious.  It uses lightly spiced seasonal fruits and is low in refined sugar.  And if you're a little unsure how to easily create a pretty lattice crust why not watch our short video.  

4 Easy Traybake Recipes

Traybake recipes
(clockwise from top left)
  • If you thought that Rocky Roads were easy, though a little messy with crumbs everywhere from smashed biscuits, then check out Lucy's trick in her recipe for Easiest Rocky Road!  She describes it as the 'ultimate in lazy baking'. 
  • Is it possible to improve upon a batch of homemade brownies which are soft squidgey and indulgent?  Well if you include a layer of caramel, like Cat has of Curley's Cooking, I think the answer is a resounding yes!
  • Do check out Midge's recipe for Vegan Hazelnut Expresso Brownies  they look so rich, indulgent and squidgey (is that even a real word?) and to top it off her young daughter describes them as "the yummiest thing in whole wide world"!  You can't get better than that!
  • Rebecca used a walnut flour in her Mocha Walnut Slice, whis is both gluten free and vegan, and sounds so tempting the way she marries together the popular flavours of chocolate coffee and walnut!  

2 Baked Doughtnut Recipes (or should that be Donut?!)

Baked Doughnuts (donuts)
(from L>R)
  • Doughnuts take me back to my youth when my bestie and I used to round off our shopping trips to Leeds with a jam filled doughnut!  Heaven!  Cat, of Curley's Cooking, shared a slightly healthier version with her recipe for Baked Nutella Doughnuts
  • If you're like me & think that Joanna's Baked Doughnuts which are made with baking powder (making them yeast free) and aquafaba (so egg free as well) finished with a cinnamon sugar look tempting then you also need to check out her Choc-Caramel Doughnut Sundae (recipe is in the same post as the doughnuts). Seriously tempting!

4 Must Try Bakes

must try recipes
(clockwise from top left)
  • Kate's naturally gluten free Mini Chocolate Rolls are a throw back to GBBO's cake week, but in my opinion she's improved the flavour by using vanilla in the buttercream filling rather than using toothpaste mint.
  • If you're looking for a post school treat for your family, then allow me to introduce you to these Cinnamon AppleSauce Muffins from Corina at Searching for Spice!   They sound so scrummy, if only I could reach in through the screen and grab one! 
  • How professional and inviting do these Chocolate Eclairs look from Rebecca at Glutarama?  And can you believe they're gluten free too!
  • These Portuguese Custard Tarts, are in Helen's words a 'cheats version' (though I think it's blinking genius!) made from a 25p tin of custard!  I kid you not, check out her recipe and see for yourself!

1 Delicious Bread Recipe


cottage loaf recipe with pesto
  • Our Cottage Loaf with Pesto was inspired by GBBO and made largely by Mr E, a self confessed non-baker!  The Cottage Loaf is a British classic, but this one contains added pesto making it perfect for cheese sandwiches, and great served with a tomato soup, for instance.

What we recreated in the Only Crumbs Remain kitchen this month...

You know how difficult it can be to choose what to order from a delicious menu, well deciding what to bake from all of the wonderful enteries shared in the #BakingCrumbs linky is just like that!  Seriously,  this month I could once again have made so many things from steamed puddings to keep us warm in the colder evenings, to crumble, and a number of easy bakes as a wind-down to the complexity of baking along with GBBO!  And let's not forget Johanna's Choc Caramel Doughnut Sundae!

But the dilema of what to bake this month was solved when one of Mr E's work colleagues whispered 3 little words in his ear! Chocolate. Caramel. Brownie!  You see many of our bakes are shared with his work colleagues (we'd end up the size of a house-end otherwise!), so when Jacqui asked if I could make a batch of Chocolate Caramel Brownies the other day I knew exactly where to get the recipe!  Cat, of Curley's Cooking, shared a fabulous Chocolate Caramel Brownie recipe which is super soft, squidgey, chocolatey and incredibely indulgent & decedant.  And just to confirm it went down a blast with Mr E's colleagues with the recipe being requested!

I must encourage you to check out Cat's recipe for Caramel Brownies!

Now onto November's #BakingCrumbs Linky. 


If you've got a bake to share, join in with #BakingCrumbs!

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  • Join me in making this a great baking community by sharing the blogging and baking love!  Do spend some time commenting on, sharing, and stumbling those bakes which catch your eye using the #BakingCrumbs hashtag so people know where you've come from! 
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  1. Gorgeous round up Angela! Everything looks so tempting and I'm not surprised you made Cat's brownies. They sound delicious. x

    1. Thankyou Corina, though all that scrummy gorgeousness is definitely down to all you guys :-) Those brownies were sooo good, they didn't last long at all :-)
      Angela xx

  2. oh wow, so many great bakes again. I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone bakes in November!

    Thank you for featuring my bakes :)

    1. So am I Helen, I'm anticipating that could be a few Christmas bakes being made :-O
      You're welcome, they look absolutely delicious, especially the steamed pudding :-D
      Angela xx

  3. Thank you so much for including my brownies and for making them! So pleased your husband and his colleagues liked them :) And your photography is fantastic x

    1. You're more than welcome Cat, I'm so glad we did make them - they were so good - and they soon disappeared when we shared them with hubby's colleagues - I believe they were gone in 2 or 3 seconds!!! Deifinitely a winner :-D
      Aw thankyou Cat, I'm definitely having to take my pictures earlier in the day now that the days are getting shorter.
      Angela x

  4. Some lovely bakes here Angela. I was too late to add my Craquelin buns to the Bake Off linky so I thought Id be the first and add them her. Look forward to see the other lovely bakes that are linked up.

    1. Aren't there just Jacqui - so much inspiration, there is definitely something for everybody :-) I'm really looking forward to reading about your carquelin - I've only just started to get to grips with choux so have never tried craquelin - I must say from what I've seen already it looks really effective :-D Yes, I'm also looking forward to seeing the bakes this month.
      Thanks for linking up Jacqui,
      Angela x

  5. That is a lot of delicious baking - the Brits will be missing the GBBO but Bonfire night is a nice tradition there so I can cope with that, but I did quake a little when you said Christmas is almost upon us - am still trying to ignore the displays in the supermarkets! Glad you managed to slip in a savoury bake - I must try and get some savoury baking in some time (once the doughnut bender is over!)

    1. Haha I know, I should have included a warning that I was going to mention Christmas! It's surprising how fast it comes round, but I completely agree the supermarkets really do start with the Christmas thing far too early - I saw some festive dog treats back in August!
      Lol, I've noticed you've been on a doughnut bender Johanna - they look so yummy :-D
      Angela x

  6. I do love your linky Angela! It does not disappoint heavy sweet toothed individual like myself lol. Lots of wonderfully yummy bakes yet again and those caramel brownies look the bee's knees. :) x

    1. Aw thankyou so much Jo, but in all reality it's all down to the fab bakes that people like yourself share :-D Those brownies were so lush, they didn't stand a chance when hubby took them into the office! I think there was a stampeed of folk rushing to get a slice ;-) Defo one to make again.
      Angela xx

  7. Good heavens! three of my recipes appear in your wonderful round up this month, you're so lovely Angela, thank you so much xxx

    1. You're more than welcome Rebecca, they all looked great :-)
      Angela x

  8. Wow! This is a list of some extremely palatable treats which I will have to try! I especially loved the recipes for the Bonfire Night, Angela!

    1. I totally agree Agnes, and as you say those bonfire treeats were a must :-D
      Angela x

  9. I am always in awe and inspired when I see what other people bake and it is always so lovely to see the collections in linky round-ups. The bakes above are so varied and so amazing. Thanks for including mine.... It always makes me feel quite humble to have my creations in amongst such lovely things. x

    1. I know just what you mean - seeing all of the recipes that people come up with inspires me too :-) I must say too, your bakes always look so incredibly tempting - I'm always so astounded as to how you work your gluten-free magic Kate :-)
      Angela x

  10. Oooh these look amazing! Shuffles off to drool over a few!! ALthough spot the one that linked up before having coffee this morning - sorry about that added the wrong photo to the brownies! If you delete it I will link up again properly! Sorry!!! xxx

    1. Hahaha, I know just what you mean Midge - some seriously very tempting bakes!
      No problem, I've done that for you :-)
      Angela x

  11. I've finally joined #BakingCrumbs, sorry it's taken so long xx

    1. Thankyou Charlotte, it's lovely to have you link up :-)
      Angela x

  12. What a lot of lovely baking inspiration. I am pleased to have something to add this month to join you.


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