Saturday, 30 September 2017

Chocolate Orange Steamed Puddings

These mini Chocolate Orange Steamed Puddings are the perfect dessert for the colder months!  They're light yet comforting, and are packed with flecks of real chocolate and orange zest.  They're easy to make and are delicious served with a simple chocolate sauce!
How to make a steamed pudding flavoured with the popular chocolate orange combo.

If you watched Pudding Week on GBBO a few days ago I'm sure you will have felt that the signature bake of 'steamed school pudding' was perfect for the colder and darker autumn days we're starting to get.  They're warming and comforting, just like a great big hug in a bowl.

But if you were bedazzled by the 'ornamental trifle terrines' the bakers made for their showstopper challenge, you may be interested in checking out our Raspberry and Glitter Freestanding Trifle that we made a year or two ago!

Raspberry & Glitter Freestnding Trifle

Even though my recollections of steamed puddings at school were of heavy rib-stickers like Spotted Dick and Jam Roly-Poly, Prue and Paul were looking for a pudding that was light and definitely not stodgy.  I'd like to think that our mini Chocolate Orange Steamed Puddings fitted the bill perfectly, despite being made individual rather than as a family sized dessert, they were certainly deliciously light yet comforting.

Steamed pudding is the perfect dessert for the colder months

Having steamed these Chocolate Orange Puddings in dariole moulds the cooking time was substantially reduced to about 40 minutes rather than the lengthy 2 hours or so that a large steamed pudding takes.  Of course a larger pudding can have far more presence when positioned in the centre of the dining table, but, to me, smaller individual puddings do feel quite special when the whole dessert is for yourself!

Chocolate Orange Steamed Pudding recipe

Now, as I'm sure you've noticed, our Steamed Chocolate Orange Puddings do not include cocoa powder but rather finely chopped chocolate which, along with the orange zest, flecks the pale sponge with lots of flavour and interest!  It proved to be a winner with both Mr E & myself, as well as my parents who enjoyed them warmed through the following day.  Not a peep was heard from them, other than noises of satisfaction, until they'd cleared their bowls!

Serve a chocolate orange steamed pudding with a simple 2 ingredient chocolate sauce!

Steamed pudding recipe flavoured with chocolate orange

Here's how to make individual Chocolate Orange Steamed Puddings.

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Individual Chocolate Orange Steamed Puddings
These individual Chocolate Orange Steamed Puddings are the perfect dessert for the colder months!  They're light yet comforting, and are packed with flecks of real chocolate and orange zest.  They're easy to make and are delicious served with a simple chocolate sauce!

Hands on time: Cook time:     Yield: 6 individual puddings

Specific Equipment
    6 Dariole Moulds (ours are 7.5cm wide x 5cm tall, and hold 160ml of liquid)   
    Steamer (see note a below)
For the Pudding Batter
  • 1 Orange, zest & juice of
  • 100g Butter, unsalted & softened + extra for greasing
  • 50g Golden Caster Sugar
  • 100g Caster Sugar
  • small pinch of Salt
  • 2 Eggs
  • 1 Egg Yolk
  • 200g SR Flour + extra for preparing the moulds
  • 50g Dark Chocolate, finely chopped
  • Milk
For the Chocolate Sauce
  • 300ml Double Cream
  • 50g Dark Chocolate (see note b below)
  • 50g Milk Chocolate (see note b below)

1. Prepare the steamer.  Either use a vegetable steamer or a large pan with lid.  Follow the manufacturer instructions for setting up your steamer.  If using a pan(s), pour a few centimetres of water into the pan and position an upturned plate in the bottom of the pan.  The dariole moulds will sit on the plate when steamed.  Place the pan on a low heat to slowly heat the water. 2. Chill the chocolate.  Put the finely chopped chocolate onto a plate and place into the fridge to chill. 3. Reduce the orange juice.  Place the orange juice into a small pan and set over a low to medium heat. Allow the juice to reduce by half to concentrate its flavour. Turn off the heat and allow to cool completely.4. Meanwhile prepare the dariole moulds. Grease the inside of the moulds with a little butter. Add a heaped teaspoon of flour to one of the moulds. Swirl the mould around until the flour has completely coated the inside of the mould. Tip the excess flour into the next mould, giving the dariole mould a little knock to ensure there is only a thin layer of flour.  Repeat until all of the moulds are buttered and floured.5. Prepare the tinfoil and string. Cut pieces of tinfoil about 18 - 20cm square. Use a little butter to grease the dull underside of the foil. Set aside. Cut 6 lengths of string that are long enough to go around the top of the dariole mould twice with enough surplus to allow a knot to be tied. 6. Make the pudding batter. Break the eggs into a cup, add the extra egg yolk.  Use a fork to break them up. (see note c below).  Place the soft butter and sugars into a good sized bowl and beat together with a wooden spoon or electric beaters until very pale and fluffy. Add the orange zest and pinch of salt and beat again to combine. Gradually add the beaten eggs and egg yolk a little at a time, beating well after each addition, (see note d below). Add 2 tbsp of reduced orange juice and beat again. Sieve the flour into the mixture. Use a spatula or large metal spoon to fold this into the batter. Ensure you have a nice dropping consistency adding a little more orange juice (or milk if you've run out of concentrated orange juice) if necessary. Add the chopped chocolate and mix until just combined. 7. Fill the dariole moulds. Using a spoon, fill the cases with the batter mixture. You're aiming for them to be no more than two-thirds full. 8. Cover with the prepared tinfoil. Fold a square of tinfoil to create a pleat down the centre of the foil (this will open out and give the pudding more room as it rises during the bake). Place the tinfoil, butter side down, over the dariole mould. Scrunch the foil around the side of the mould. Tie a length of string around the mould just beneath its lip to secure the foil. If steaming the puddings in a pan you may need to fashion a string handle to assist with their removal once cooked through.  Repeat with the other moulds. 9. Steam. Position the dariole moulds in the steamer so that they are sat securely. Place the steamer's lid on top and steam for 40 minutes (see note e below).10. Make the chocolate sauce, about 10 minutes before the puddings are ready. Pour the cream into a small pan and set over a medium heat. Allow the cream to heat through but avoid letting it boil. Meanwhile chop the chocolate into small pieces. Place into a bowl. Pour the heated cream over the chocolate. Use a teaspoon to stir the sauce. Gradually the chocolate will melt and the sauce will become smooth. Once the chocolate is completely melted and the mixture is smooth pour it into a serving jug. 11. Serve. Carefully remove the puddings from the steamer. Use a pair of scissors to cut away the string. Peel away the foil. Run the blade of a pallet knife around the edge of the pudding to loosen it. Upturn the pudding into a serving bowl. Repeat with the remaining puddings. 12. Enjoy with the chocolate sauce! 
Notes: a)  We used our vegetable steamer (Tefal) for this bake as it offered more room for the 6 dariole moulds than a pan.  If using a pan to steam, you may need to use two depending upon their size.  Part fill the pan with water and position an upturned plate in the base of the pan for the dariole moulds to sit on.  Whether you use a pan or steamer avoid letting them boil dry.  b) Use a total of 100g milk and / or dark chocolate as you prefer.  c)  The spare egg white can either be chilled in the fridge for a few days to use in another bake or frozen in an airtight container.  Allow the frozen egg yolk to defrost in the fridge completely before being used. d)  Consider warming your lightly beaten eggs over a bain marie especially if they feel particularly cold. Warm them until they feel lukewarm. This should help prevent the batter from curdling and produce a better cupcake sponge.  e) If using a vegetable steamer, avoid using the built in electronic timer as it may not be reliable.  Use your stopwatch instead.

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How to make a steamed pudding flavoured with the popular flavour combination of chocolate orange and served with a simple 2 ingredient chocolate sauce.  it's the perfect dessert for the colder months!

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  1. Chocolate orange is a great flavour combination for a steamed pudding. definitely says comfort food to me. I love the fact that you made mini ones too. No squabbles over who got the bigger slice

    1. We just love choc-orange Jacqui so it was an easy decision from all of the flavours that can be used in a steamed pud. That's very tur - them all being equal defo means to bickering!
      Angela x

  2. These look so wonderful - I'm pretty much drooling here!

    I love your spoons too... I need to hit up Ebay to find some (because yes, I am the idiot who gave all her gran's ones to charity when she passed away 17 years ago)!

    1. Aw thankyou Nico,
      I love those spoons too. I only became the proud owner of them a wk or two ago along with a few other pieces of old cutlery. I got them from a local 'sell-it' centre (a bit like a huge charity shop) and sadly they're closing because the property owner has put the rent up over 30%!! So sad!
      Angela x

  3. What a wonderful way to jazz up a regular cake! I have never made or tasted a steamed pudding before..But these sound perfect with chocolate and orange flavor..Also love the idea of adding finely grated chocolate in place of regular cocoa! Just lovely :)

    1. ooh you must make a steamed pudding whe the weather turns a bit colder Deepika - it's so comforting !
      Angela x

  4. There is something about steamed puddings that is so comforting..... Chocolate-Orange is such a classic, but perfect combo.
    Mind you..... that trifle looks amazing.... Off to check it out! x

    1. They are incredibly comforting aren't they, in fact i'm very much tempted to make another one this wk! They were such a hit with hubby & my folks (as well as me!)
      Aw thankyou Kate, I was so happy with that trifle (less so now about the pics I must admit!)
      Angela x

  5. well how ruddy delicious do you puddings look Angela? I love chocolate and orange together so I could devour one of these easily enough. I also like the idea of individual ones.
    your trifle terrine looks beautiful too x

    1. and thank you for joining in with #GBBOBloggers2017 x

    2. We're huge fans of choolate orange too - it's such a fab flavour combo isn't it! I'm so glad we decided to make smaller ones because they cooked so much quicker though it did take a little longer in preparing the dariole moulds.
      You're welcome Jenny, it's such a fab linky :-D
      Angela x.

  6. wow, that trifle looks amazing! whilst I'm not a fan of traditional trifle (it's a jelly thing), my family loves it, and this would be a real show stopper on the christmas table!

    Your mini chocolate orange puds look great too - I might have to dig out my small moulds, which would avoid arguing over the size of the slices I cut!

  7. These look lovely and I love your trifle too!

  8. certainly a perfect comfort food! love the flavours - making me feel all wintery. #gbbobloggers2017 xxx

  9. I absolutely love your mini puds, I so need to get myself those little moulds! :) Chocolate orange combo is wonderful and silky sauce looks amazing! x

  10. Oh! such a lovely dessert. Orange/chocolate is one of my favorite combos. They look so moist. Amd that sauce! mmmm. so yummy!

  11. Yummm! It's been ages since I've had a steamed pudding but I've been totally craving them since bake off! x

  12. Well these puddings just look stunning! And that chocolate sauce, you have me drooling again!

  13. I would love one of these little chocolate orange steamed puddings! I've been planning to make a steamed pudding ever since pudding week on Bake off and as they really are such a great comfort food. Thanks so much for sharing with #CookOnceEatTwice x

  14. Wow Angela, these really are tempting especially with the drizzle of chocolate sauce. Commenting as BritMums baking Round-up Editor. :)


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