Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Strawberry Yogurt Lollies

These homemade strawberry yogurt lollies are super refreshing and a doddle to make.  In fact it's a great child friendly recipe (though some supervision may be needed depending upon the age and skill of the child).  Containing fresh strawberries, yogurt and just a small amount of added refined sugar, these homemade popsicles are a great guilt free summer time treat.

How to make homemade strawberry yogurt lollies, with just a few basic ingredients.

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I apologise, the break in the recent heatwave which was being enjoyed by many here in the UK is down to me making our refreshing and tasty homemade Strawberry Yogurt Lollies!  It was almost like doing a little rain-dance!  I'm really not a fan of baking hot days.  Having a so-called English rose complexion of pale skin and blue eyes usually means I try to avoid being out in the hottest part of the day, in fact it has been known for me to spend far longer than usual down the freezer and chillier aisles in the supermarkets when the weather hots up!   

Of course ice cream and ice lollies are a great summer time treat for keeping cool too!  These homemade strawberry ice lollies were just what I needed last week.  Being made with yogurt does mean that these homemade strawberry lollies aren't as creamy as an ice cream, but depending upon your point of view that could be a good thing - after all there's fewer calories in yogurt than cream for a start!  As well as being super refreshing and tasty, they contain real fruit pieces and just a small amount of added refined sugar meaning that I can enjoy one without feeling guilty about it.  

Thursday, 22 June 2017

19 Perfect Picnic Recipes

Check out this collection of 19 vegetarian picnic foods.  These recipes are sure to provide you with  great inspiration for your next family picnic this summer!

19 vegetarian picnic recipe ideas, all are easy to make, package up and transport to a beautiful countryside location

If you've been on social media these past few days I'm sure you will have noticed that it's National Picnic Week here in the UK this week (16th - 25th June).  Given the glorious weather of late, it seemed churlish not to gather together my wonderful foodie blogging pals to share with you a mouth watering collection of vegetarian picnic recipe ideas!

Now, although National Picnic Week was the prompt for this collection, picnics are of course a great family activity throughout late spring, summer and even into autumn.  Though I do draw the line at eating alfresco in the throws of winter!  Packing up some delicious food together and then going for a walk to build up an appetite before settling to eat in your favourite countryside spot is surely what beautiful summer days are about!

So if you're planning a picnic and are looking for some inspiration for easy, tasty and transportable picnic food - which also happens to be vegetarian - then cast your eyes over these!  If any recipe catches your eye my blogging pals would love it if you clicked the green title text for a read!


Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Coffee & Walnut Chocolate Brownie

These coffee & walnut brownies are soft, squidgy and punctuated with healthy walnuts.  The classic flavour combination is teamed with lots of delicious chocolate in this brownie recipe.  They're the perfect bake when time is limited and the comfort of chocolate is needed.

How to make Coffee and walnut chocolate brownies, a quite and easy bake

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What's a girl to do when time is of a premium but a therapeutic baking session is needed?  Make brownies of course!

Saturday, 17 June 2017

Homemade Coffee Cream Chocolates

Filled with a coffee flavoured chocolate ganache, these Coffee Cream Chocolates pack a punch!  They're the perfect homemade gift for any coffee lover!

How to make homemade coffee flavoured chocolates, a great confectionary making the perfect  gift for coffee lovers

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Now that Father's Day is just around the corner here in the UK, thoughts in the Only Crumbs Remain kitchen have largely centred around what to treat my Dad with this year.  In previous years we've made him a Bavarian Slice, homemade Fig Rolls, and even a scrummy chocolate & cherry cake which I really need to share here. 

Knowing how much Dad enjoys coffee centred chocolates it was the perfect opportunity to hone my chocolate tempering skills.  Now, I have to admit that these chocolates weren't exactly perfect, but I had great fun in practicing!  Well, we are talking chocolate!  Despite their small flaws they were thoroughly enjoyed, being as nice if not nicer than the mass produced confectionary bought in shops.

Sunday, 11 June 2017

Raspberry & White Chocolate Tarts

This recipe for raspberry & white chocolate tarts has a white chocolate ganache draped invitingly over the fruit, & the classic flavour combination is finished with a sprinkling of freeze dried raspberries.  They're as delicious as they are aesthetically pleasing.     

How to make a raspberry fruit tart.

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Don't you just love how chocolate can drapes seductively over bakes, completely transforming them from being run of the mill nice to something totally irresistible?  It doesn't seem to matter whether the chocolate is drizzled over a buttercream frosting, ice cream, or even fruit, chocolate really does have the right properties to caress the food beneath resulting in something incredibly sexy and inviting.

I finally realised how aesthetically wonderful chocolate can be (I already know how amazing chocolate is in the taste department 😉) whilst making these Strawberry Cupcakes a couple of weeks ago.  There was such a difference in the cupcakes between plonking the strawberry onto the buttercream frosting to drizzling a little dark chocolate ganache over the top!  The chocolate completely transformed those simple summery cupcakes.  

Strawberry Cupcakes with a dark chocolate ganache drizzle

Thursday, 8 June 2017

Strawberry & Vanilla Fudge

Like all confectionery, this homemade Strawberry & Vanilla Fudge recipe makes the perfect edible gift.  It's packed with yummy naughtiness, and is actually straightforward to make!

How to make homemade strawberry & vanilla fudge, the perfect edible gift!

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During the past week or two it seems that I've been on a bit of a love fest with the beautiful strawberry here on Only Crumbs Remain.  And why not, when they scream of summer!

Not only have they recently starred in our Strawberry Cupcakes with a Chocolate Drizzle as well as our Strawberry & Basil Upside Down Cake.  But now they feature in this Strawberry and Vanilla Fudge.

strawberry cupcakes with a dark chocolate drizzle Strawberry & basil upside-down cake

Having some freeze dried strawberries left over from our upside-down cake, we chose to use them in this scrumptious homemade fudge recipe.  I have to admit that I have a bit of a weakness when it comes to fudge!  Especially homemade fudge!  If you like you can check out all of the flavour variations I've shared in my confectionery recipe index.

Homemade fudge not only tastes immeasurably better than mass produced shop bought fudge, it keeps really well, and is the perfect edible gift for those with a sweet tooth!  Think of birthdays, Christmas, mother's day or father's day, or simply as a 'thank you'.  Surely it'd be perfect packaged in a pretty bag for your child's teacher at the end of the school year!   

Sunday, 4 June 2017

Strawberry & Basil Upside-Down Cake

This flavoursome and aromatic strawberry & basil upside-down cake is easy to make.  The colourful pink strawberries, cooked with the cake, negates the need for any frostings.

How to make a strawberry and basil upside-down cake

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Don't you just love it when a bake comes together as well, if not better, than you hope and envisage?

Being a huge fan of fresh strawberries, Mr E & I regularly have some during the summer months.  Even though they're delicious simply served with a little vanilla ice cream, or even on their own, we thought it would be fun to include some in one of our bakes.  Regulars to Only Crumbs Remain may have seen our strawberry cupcakes with a dark chocolate drizzle, but as delicious as they were the beautiful red strawberry wasn't actually incorporated IN the bake.

This strawberry cake is not only easy to make, but delicious and pretty too without the need for frostings

Being reluctant to mix the strawberries into the cake batter, due to their high water content, the strawberry halves were arranged on the base of the cake tin before being topped with the prepared cake batter.  If you're old enough to cast your minds back to the 70's and 80's think of pineapple upside-down cake (you may even recall Alvin making one, sadly to the dismay of Mary & Paul, on GBBO a few years ago) and you'll be along the right lines with this strawberry and basil version.

Strawberry and Basil Upside-Down Cake

The halved fresh strawberries, baked at the base of this Victoria sponge cake which once turned out becomes the top, provides heaps of flavour, a delicious aroma, a pretty colour and lots of interest.  What more can you ask for from a homemade cake?  How about even more flavour and interest with  freeze dried strawberries and shredded basil leaves peppered throughout the sponge?  Surely this negates the need for any frostings and fillings.

And if you're wondering about using basil leaves with strawberries, let alone in a cake, well all I can do is encourage you to try it.  Strawberries and basil work incredibly well together, like in my Strawberry & Basil Pavlova and even with these macerated strawberries which accompanied some griddled peaches.  But, if you prefer replace the shredded basil leaves for a few drops of vanilla extract instead.