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Hazelnut & Caramel Chocolates + Giveaway!

There's nothing more special than handmade chocolates, and they're surprisingly not as difficult to make as you might imagine.  These handmade hazelnut & caramel chocolates were just the ticket to celebrate Only Crumbs Remain's birthday, alongside a giveaway!  (NB Giveaway now closed).  

How to make Homemade Hazelnut & Caramel Chocolates

When there are things to celebrate, alongside cake, chocolates are very much the order of the day.  So given that Only Crumbs Remain turned two today, I thought we'd celebrate with chocolate!  Though not any box of mass produced shop bought chocolate!  We're talking homemade ones here, specifically Hazelnut & Caramel Chocolates!  They're similar in may ways to Quality Street's The Purple One, apparently the most popular chocolate in their selection!

How to make Hazelnut & Caramel Chocolates at home

And if handmade chocolates weren't excitement enough to celebrate my blog's second birthday we are also hosting a giveaway as a way of saying 'thank you' to so many people for their continued support.  Returning readers, new visitors, fellow bloggers, collaborators, family and friends!  Thank you!

So from a fan of home baking, who wants to say thank you, here's your chance to win 'The Chocolatier's Baking Bundle!'  

Chocolatier's Baking Bundle!

But first, the handmade chocolates.  Delicious hazelnuts, enveloped in a luscious homemade caramel, encased in a creamy milk chocolate shell!  I ask you, what's not to like!

Hazelnut & Caramel Chocolates recipe

Now, I have to admit that these chocolates aren't exactly perfect.  BUT, considering that these are my very first attempt at making this type of homemade chocolate, as well as caramel, and at tempering chocolate (yup, a triple whammy of trying something new!),  I'm more than happy with how they've turned out.  Mr E was particularly impressed having consumed three in quick succession, and this is the man who doesn't ordinarily eat chocolates!

So, how did I make these handmade Hazelnut & Caramel Chocolates? 


Well, dare I say it, relatively easily - assuming you have the right equipment!  That's where our giveaway comes in useful!  (More of that very soon!)  The chocolate moulds were washed and thoroughly dried.  Tempered milk chocolate was poured into the mould.  The excess was tipped out, leaving the moulds lined with a lovely layer of milk chocolate.  The mould was set aside allowing the chocolate to set.  The empty chocolate shell was then partially filled with a homemade caramel and half a hazelnut (a whole one seemed too big for the mould's size).  Tempered chocolate was then poured over the top of the mould again to create the base of the chocolates.  The excess chocolate was then scraped away.  The handmade chocolates were then put aside to completely set and firm up before being turned out and devoured!


How to make caramel.


Making Hazelnut & Caramel Chocolates

Well, as mentioned already, this was my first time at making caramel.  I'd always been daunted at making a caramel sauce, which is oh so perfectly yummy drizzled over ice cream or used within a delicious cake.  Having consulted my recipe books and Google I noted that there seemed to be two different ways to make it.  Basically, one used water and the other didn't.  The water allowed the sugar to dissolve before being heated and allowed to colour before the cream was added, whereas the other method sees the sugar heated in a pan on its own, a more difficult technique.  I suspect if you were to consult a pastry chef about the virtues of both methods, they would always make it without water.

But being slightly short of time and not wanting the sugar to burn on the base of our pan I employed what seemed to be the easier method and used a little water to help dissolve the sugar (as is shown in this how to video with a host of top tips for making caramel!)   And I can actually confirm it was easy!  Far easier than I had imagined it to be!   Of course caramel is something which requires close watching, but those few minutes of careful monitoring really rewards you with a luscious caramel sauce which is not only perfect drizzled over ice cream, used in a cake but also as a filling for our handmade Hazelnut & Caramel Chocolates!  

How to Temper Chocolate.   


First of all, having tempered chocolate just the once I'm clearly no expert.  But what I would like to say is, having now attempted it, it's actually not so difficult.  It's something which can be easily achieved in our kitchen at home with great results.

There's clearly a lot of science behind tempering which concerns 6 different types of crystals in cocoa butter, and if you're interested you can read about here (it's written in plain English rather than science jargon).  There are three different methods of tempering chocolate (described in the link above), and the process does require some precision as far as temperature is concerned but don't let that put you off giving it a try, after all, what's the worst that can happen!?  With an accurate chocolate thermometer, like the one I have in our Chocolatier's Baking Bundle, you should be able to produce chocolate which has a great shine and snap to it!

 If you'd like a quick reference for tempering temperatures, why not pin this information table!

Chocolate Tempering Guide

So, here's how to make Handmade Hazelnut & Caramel Chocolates!

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Hazelnut & Caramel Chocolates
There's nothing more special than handmade chocolates, and they're surprising not as difficult to make as you might imagine.  These handmade hazelnut & caramel chocolates are just the ticket to mark a celebration, or just to say 'thankyou'!

Prep time: Hands on time:     Yield: approx 15 chocolates

Specific Equipment
   Large heavy based pan, which holds a volume of about 3L 
   Digital Sugar / Chocolate Thermometer or Thermospatula
   1 x glass heatproof bowl
   1 x long Sharp Knife
   1 x Chocolate Mould 
   1 x Disposable Piping Bag

For the Caramel and Hazelnut Filling
  • 100ml Water
  • 225g Granulated Sugar 
  • 200ml Single Cream  
  • Blanched Hazelnuts (you may need to half them depending upon the size of the moulds) 
For Chocolate Shell
  • 350g Milk Chocolate (see note a)

1. Prepare the chocolate mould. Ensure the mould is thoroughly clean and dry, paying particular attention to the 'corners' and edges of the mould's design.2. Make the caramel. Place the water into the pan.  Add the sugar carefully aiming not to splash it up the sides of the pan.  Set the pan over a low to moderate heat to allow the sugar to dissolve into the water.  Once dissolved, increase the heat under the pan a little.  Without stirring allow the sugar to caramelise whilst the water evaporates.  Once it is a moderate brown colour (akin to the brown of a corrugated cardboard box) add the cream.  Be aware that the mixture will react to the cold of the cream by rising up the pan.  Stir.  Continue stirring until the caramel has reached 104℃ / 219℉ (see notes b, c & d below).  Pour the caramel into a bowl and set it aside until completely cold.3. Prepare to temper the chocolate.  Partially fill the sink with cold water (about 10cm, though depending upon the size of your bowl).  Have a large baking tray, ladle or large spoon, and sharp knife to hand.  4. Begin to temper the chocolate. Break the chocolate into a heatproof  glass bowl.  Build a bain marie by suspending the bowl over a pan containing some water, ensuring the water doesn't touch the base of the bowl.  Place the bain marie on the hob over a moderate heat.  Allow the chocolate to start to melt.  Stir the chocolate making a note of the temperature.  Melt the milk chocolate to 46℃ / 115℉.  Be careful not to take it any higher than this temperature as it could soon sieze and become unworkable! 5. Cool the chocolate. Remove the glass bowl from the bain marie and submerge it into the cold water in the sink, being careful not to get any water in the chocolate.  Stir the chocolate watching the temperature.  You're aiming for it to reduce to 26℃ / 80℉.6. Reheat the chocolate.  Return the bowl of chocolate to the bain marie.  Continue to stir and monitor the temperature.  You're aiming for it to increase to 30℃ / 86℉.  The chocolate is now tempered.  Remove the bowl from the heat and sit it in the baking tray you have to hand at your work station.7. Fill the chocolate mould.  Use a ladle or large spoon to pour chocolate into the prepared chocolate mould.  Once completely full tip the mould upside down over the bowl of melted chocolate to remove the excess chocolate.  Give it a shake and allowing the excess to drip out.  Return the mould the right way round and return to the work surface.  Run the sharp knife over the top of the mould to remove excess chocolate.  This will neaten the edges of the chocolates and make it easier to remove them from the mould later.  Check that all of the surfaces have been completely covered in chocolate.  Touch it up with a little more as necessary.  Remove the spoon and thermometer from the chocolate (it'll set into the chocolate if you don't!) and clean them ready for step 10.8. Set aside to firm up.   Set the chocolate mould aside for at least an hour whilst it firms up.9. Fill with caramel and hazelnuts.  Once the chocolate has completely set check to see how much space the hazelnut has inside the chocolate shell.  Remember you need room for the caramel also.  Use a sharp knife to halve the hazelnuts if necessary (this is what we did), cutting down their vertical line. Put 2 tbsp of caramel into a disposable piping bag (no nozzle required).  Cut off the tip of the piping bag.  Partially fill each of the moulds with caramel (about a third).  Add the hazelnut and gently push into the caramel.  Run a long knife over the top of the mould to ensure that non of the filling is proud of the mould's surface. 10. Cover with more chocolate. Reheat the remaining chocolate over the bain marie until it reaches 30℃ / 86℉.  If the chocolate hasn't completely melted at this point, or the temperatures goes above 30℃ / 86℉ re-temper it as before.  Spoon some of the melted chocolate over the caramel and hazelnuts.  Ensure that they are completely covered.  Use the sharp knife to scrape away the excess.  11. Set aside.  Set aside the chocolates to firm up.  Consider popping them into the fridge for a few short minutes, but do be aware that too long in the fridge can cause the chocolate to bloom due to condensation. 12. Turn out. Once the chocolate has completely set turn the chocolates out.  Wiggle the silicone mould to gently loosen them.  Position the mould upside down over a clean tea towel.  Gently push one of the silicone shapes to remove the chocolate.  Repeat with the remaining chocolates. 13. Enjoy!
a) The quantity of chocolate used may seem excessive, but it is incredibly difficult to temper a small amount.  The excess chocolate could be used in a brownie recipe (for instance) or poured into some greaseproof paper for use another day.  b) The temperature of the caramel will determine the thickness of it.  We heated ours to 104℃ / 219℉, but just 5 degree less would make it runnier and a five degree more making it almost like toffee. c) Remember, caramel is incredibly hot!  Do stir it carefully but thoroughly once the cream has been added so as to avoid splashing yourself.  d)  Keep animals, children and other vulnerable people out of the way when making caramel. e)  The excess caramel could be used to decorate a cake, or even enjoy it over ice cream.

Pin Hazelnut & Caramel Chocolate for later!

How to make Hazelnut & Caramel Chocolates at home

The Chocolatier's Baking Bundle!


So, now onto our giveaway!  (Give away now closed).

If you love chocolate and messing around in the kitchen then you need to enter this giveaway!  And even if you're not a huge chocolate fan carry on reading as the items in our Chocolatier's Baking Bundle can actually be used for other cooking tasks (well other than the bars of chocolate obviously!).

The Chocolatier's Baking Bundle

What's in our Chocolatier's Baking Bundle?


  • 1 x Silicone Thermospatula from Lakeland. The Thermospatula is a digital thermometer combined in a spatula!  It is designed to help you identify the ideal temperature when melting chocolate, making jam, sauces and custard, caramels and even fudge!  The stainless steel thermometer can be removed from the spatula to be used as a meat thermometer too.  The thermometer can read temperatures between -20℃ up to 240℃ (whereas the spatula is heat resistant up to 220℃.)    It includes 1 x LR44 battery.   
  •  2 x Silicone Chocolate Moulds.  One mould allows you to create 15 round chocolates with a scalloped edge (just like the Hazelnut & Caramel Chocolates I created).  The second mould allows you to create 12 chocolates of 3 different designs: a star, a square parcel shape with a ribbon, and something akin to a chess pawn also topped with a ribbon.  The moulds are dishwasher and oven safe up to 230℃.
  • 1 x *Sainsbury's Taste The Difference Peruvian 70% Dark Chocolate, with hints of pear and hazelnut flavours.  100g block.
  • 1 x *Lindt Excellence.  Chili flavoured Dark Chocolate.  100g block. 
  • 1 x *Moser Roth Chocolate.  Sea Salt flavour.  125g block.
  • 1 x *Organic Chocolate of Love.  Vegan Coffee flavoured Dark Chocolate.  100g block.
  • 1 x *Sainsbury Cooks Belgian Milk Chocolate.  200g block.

* Please Note:  For allergy advice please refer to the individual packs of chocolate.

The Terms and Conditions:


Finally,  here's the small print (though I've kept it the same size so you can read it!)  These terms & conditions will clarify who is eligible to enter, where it will be posted to and so on.
  1. The giveaway parcel will  be posted to a mainland UK address only;
  2. The giveaway item is The Chocolatier's Baking Bundle, as outlined above;
  3. There is no cash alternative;
  4. There will only be one winner;
  5. It will not be posted to PO Box address;
  6. It will be delivered via Royal Mail;
  7. Once the parcel has been posted via Royal Mail, Only Crumbs Remain cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage to the parcel during transit; 
  8. It is only open to individuals of 18 years and above;
  9. Both bloggers and non bloggers are welcome to enter as long as the conditions are met;
  10. Entry is through the Rafflecopter only, below;
  11. The Rafflecopter giveaway will be open for 14 days;  
  12. All entries will be validated before the randomly selected winner is notified; 
  13. The randomly selected winner will be contacted by e-mail within 48 hours of the giveaway closing;
  14. The winner will have 7 days to respond otherwise a new winner will be drawn;
  15. The giveaway is free to enter.

A couple of pointers! 


  • When leaving a comment, remember to answer the question posed (Quality Street's 'The Purple One' is said to be their most popular chocolate, but what is YOUR favourite?), and then tick the box 'I commented' in the Rafflecopter
  • Once the comment is left and you have checked the 'I commented' box,  you will be given 6 further ways to enter the giveaway.  Enter as many or as few elements as you like, but of course the more elements you enter the more chance you will have of winning The Chocolatier's Baking Bundle! 

Good Luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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