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Chocolate Brownies with Mincemeat

This brownie recipe is not only a delicious Christmas bake, but also the perfect way of using half a jar of sweet mincemeat.  It's delicious and indulgent as you would expect with a brownie recipe that includes real chocolate in the mixture.

Chocolate Brownie recipe which makes great use of left over sweet mincemeat

Chocolate Brownies.  They're fudgey.  They're rich.  They're chocolatey.  They're indulgent!  I ask you, what's not to like?!

Brownies are not only incredibly quick and easy to make, but they lend themselves nicely to having a few 'extras' added to the mixture.  Often this popular chocolate tray bake recipe include nuts of some sort - walnuts, almonds, macadamia for instance.   But have you ever tried it with mincemeat?  Sweet mincemeat that is, the sort which flies off the supermarket shelves at this time of year for those essential mince pies! 

How to make chocolate brownies with real chocolate

Even though I'm a huge fan of mince pies, they can become slightly boring at times.  Of course you can ring the changes to the classic bake by finishing them with a frangipane crust or shaping them into Rugelach.  They can even be pimped up with that 'love me or loath me' marzipan added to the fruity mincemeat itself and finish the pies with a lattice crust (just click on an images below to read all about them and grab the recipe.)    

These delicious mince pies with a frangipane crust are a perfect alternative bake to the pastry rich, double crust pies usually enjoyed around Christmas time. Made with a light, flaky, pastry containing cream cheese and an enhanced sweet mincemeat filling, these small Jewish pastry treats are a true taste sensation.  Enhanced with marzipan, orange & spice these home made mince pies are an incredibly delicious traditional treat.

If you're looking for other ways to use up your left over mincemeat I can whole heartedly recommend adding it to a brownie mix.  Not only are brownies super easy to make, but I'm sure I'm right in saying that everybody loves a brownie!

These Christmas brownies would be amazing made the day before guests arrive, which would allow that fudgey chocolate taste to become even more sensational.  Or why not share a slice with the carol singers when they exercise their vocal cords during the chilly evenings leading up to Christmas itself ... that's if you can bear to be parted from this delicious bake!

Chocolate brownies are a great recipe for using up left over mincemeat

This brownie recipe is not only the perfect bake to enjoy in the build up to the festivities, but also well into the New Year too when you stumble across that half empty jar of sweet mincemeat at the back of the fridge. Even though the jar has no doubt been open for a few weeks, it'll be just fine added to a chocolate brownie batter. Not only does the fruit add extra interest to the chocolatey treat, but it also brings extra moisture too!  Yum!

easy chocolate brownie recipe

Strange as it may sound to some, I personally find brownies a little too rich when made with dark chocolate.  So, in this recipe I've used a 50/50 mix of dark and milk.  Of course if you prefer a more indulgent and richer note from your chocolate simply substitute the milk chocolate for more of the dark stuff, or replace some of the flour with the same quantity of cocoa powder (though you may need to up the quantity of sugar a little).

What is Mincemeat?


If you're not familiar with mincemeat, or sweet mincemeat as I prefer to call it, it's a mixture of dried fruits, peel, spices and often alcohol.  It's popular here in the UK during the Christmas period.  Although the fruity mixture included large quantities of meat - such as beef, venison and suet - back in the 15th and 16th centuries, and therefore explains the name, over the years the recipe for it has developed and the meat element has reduced until it is no longer included.  Many of the jars of mincemeat available in the shops these days are suitable for vegetarians, though do double check when catering for vegetarians and vegans as some recipes do still use a meat suet.

Mincemeat Recipes

If you're unable to source sweet mincemeat from your local supermarket, here are a few mincemeat recipes which can be made at home.
  • This Chocolate Mincemeat from Helen at The Crazy Kitchen is a twist on the traditional homemade mincemeat, with added dark chocolate. 
  • Recipes Made Easy shares a recipe for Homemade Mincemeat which interestingly includes grated carrot alongside the usual dried fruit and spices, which I suspect brings extra sweetness and moisture.
  • I think the name of Foodie Quine's Boozy Gin Mincemeat says it all!

So here's how to make Christmas Brownies with Mincemeat.

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Chocolate Christmas Brownies with Mincemeat
This chocolate brownie recipe is not only a delicious Christmas bake, but also the perfect way of using half a jar of sweet mincemeat.  It's delicious and indulgent as you would expect with a brownie recipe that includes real chocolate in the mixture.

Hands on time: Cook time:     Yield: 1 tray bake, slices into 9 large, or 16 small pieces

Specific Equipment
    1 x Brownie Tin measuring 20cm x 20cm
  • 225g Unsalted Butter
  • 75g Dark Chocolate
  • 75g Milk Chocolate
  • 100g Caster Sugar
  • 80g Light Brown Sugar
  • 4 Eggs, medium
  • 1.5 capful Orange Extract
  • 80g Plain Flour
  • 30g Cocoa Powder
  • Pinch of Salt
  • 150 - 200g Sweet Mincemeat

1. Preheat the oven to 180℃ / 160℃ Fan / Gas 4.2. Prepare the brownie tin. Grease and fully line the brownie tin with greaseproof paper, ensuring there is excess paper beyond the edge of the tin to aid the removal of the brownie once cooked.3. Melt the butter and chocolate. Pour an inch or two of water into the bottom of a pan which is small enough to allow a bowl to be placed on top without its base touching the water. Place the pan on the hob over a low heat. Cube the butter and place into the bowl. Break the chocolates into pieces and add to the bowl. Position the bowl over the pan of warming water.  Allow the butter and chocolate to slowly melt, stirring periodically with a spatula. Once the mixture is fully melted and lump free remove the bowl from the pan. Sit the bowl on a clean cloth / kitchen roll to dry the underside. Leave the mixture for a few minutes to allow the mixture to cool a little.4. Mix the eggs and sugar. Place the two sugars and eggs into the large mixing bowl. Use a balloon whisk to mix until just combined. Add the orange extract and salt and mix to combine.5. Combine the two mixture. Pour the melted chocolate and butter mixture into the bowl containing the combined eggs and sugar. Use the balloon whisk to combine.6. Fold in the flour and cocoa. Sieve the flour and cocoa powder into the mixture. Use a spatula to fold everything together. Fold until the powders have been combined, paying attention to the bottom of bowl.7. Add the sweet mincemeat. Place the mincemeat into a pudding bowl and gently stir it with a spoon to break it up making it easier to combine into the brownie batter. Add the mincemeat to the batter and mix to combine. 8. Fill the brownie tin. Pour the brownie batter into the prepared tin. Smooth it out with a spatula or the back of a spoon, ensuring it's sat in the corners well. 9. Bake. Place the brownie tin in the centre of the oven and bake for 40 - 50 minutes. You may need to rotate the tin after 30 minutes of baking. After 40 minutes of baking check the brownie every few minutes to avoid over baking it (see note a below). The brownie is ready when a skewer inserted into the centre of the bake comes out with a few moist crumbs.10. Cool. Remove the brownie from the oven and set onto a cooling tray. Allow to fully cool in the tray. Use the excess greaseproof paper to lift the brownie from the tin and place it onto a board. Slice into pieces. Use a pallet knife to remove the pieces from the greaseproof paper. 

a)  It's key to avoid over baking the brownie.  Removing it too soon will result in it being too soft, though over baking it will create something more cake like.  When ready it will no longer wobble in the centre, though an inserted skewer will still hold some moist crumbs.  Ours took 45 minutes to bake.  b)  Store in an airtight container.  c)  Allow the brownies to come back to room temperature before enjoying any slices which may have been chilled.  d)  Brownies are best eaten the day after baking. e)  If you enjoy richer brownies either substitute the milk chocolate for more plain chocolate. Alternatively reduce the flour content by 10g and increase the cocoa quantity by 10g. Be aware that you you may need to increase the sugar quantity a little. 




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A Chocolate Brownie recipe with the added moisture and texture from mincemeat.  They're perfect for a Christmas treat or to use up that half a jar of sweet fruit mincemeat lurking in the fridge.

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  1. Now this recipe is just pure genius. I love the idea of putting mincemeat in brownies, thus combining two of my favourite treats! Was lovely 'chatting' to you today, by the way. I probably shouldn't have as I am a bit behind now...but I just can't resist a good old natter :-) Eb x

    1. Hahaha, I don't think it's genous, but I'll take it Eb ;-) It's just a great way of using up half a jar of it, which then brought a lovely few chunks of fruit to the brownies when eaten. Aw I'm sorry, I didn't appreciate you were still on a tight schedule, it really was a lovely 'chatting' with you too today - I love a good old natter too :-)
      Angela x

  2. I've only recently discovered that chocolate and mincemeat go perfectly together, I can't believe it took me so long to realise. These brownies sound absolutely delicious.

    1. It really is a lovely combination isn't it, it's something that I've only recently tried too.
      Thanks for your lovely comment Charlotte,
      Angela x

  3. Oooh chocolate and mincemeat, this is a must try! I am baking with mincemeat, I might have to add some chocolate. Thank you for sharing with #CookBlogShare x

    1. Ooh yes do Kirsty, it's such a lovely combination,
      Thanks for your lovely comment,
      Angela x

  4. I'd never thought of this combination before but I bet the mincemeat goes to well with the chocolatiness of the brownies and keeps them really moist and fudgy too! Thank you so much for sharing with #CookOnceEatTWice x

    1. It really works a treat Corina, and yes I would imagine the mincemeat would make it even more moist. You're welcome, and thankyou back to you for hosting,
      Angela x

  5. what a great twist to add mincemeat to chocolate brownies! We've tried mincemeat shortbread before but never would have thought to add to chocolate brownies!

    1. Ooh now mincemeat in shortbread sounds very good, I'll have to give that a try. It's amazing how well the mincemeat works with the chocolate brownie Rebecca, and it's a great way of using up half jar if you become bored of mincepies :-)
      Thanks for your lovely comment,
      Angela x

  6. I never thought of adding mincemeat to brownies, what a great idea! Thank you for linking up to Treat Petite.

  7. Oh my days these look incredible!Fab pics again!What a fantastic recipe.I have only just seen these so too late for Xmas but will def do next year.Happy New Year!xx

    1. Thank you Jenny :-) They were very yummy, and satisfying to know that it made good use of some mincemeat I had lurking in the fridge.
      Thanks for your lovely comments, and here's to a great New Year,
      Angela x

  8. Oh I bet these are good Angela. I'm very partial to a brownie and would love to try one. What a fab idea to add mincemeat.

    I've already taken your raspberry fudge recipe for We Should Cocoa and as it's only one entry per month, I can't really include this one too. Sorry.

    1. They really were Choclette, brownies are always a winner :-)
      Ah!, Sorry, I didn't realise, that's OK,
      Angela x

  9. oh my goodness they are so gooey & gorgeous looking! My kids would have those polished off in no time! what a fab bake that uses the mincemeat up without feeling too christmassy.

    Thanks for linking to my chocolate mincemeat too.

    1. Aw thankyou Helen :-) Hubby took sme pieces of it into work for his colleagues and let's just say the box was soon empty!
      Angela x


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