Sunday, 20 September 2015

Kitchenalia #6 - Cake & Cupcake Stands

You've made a beautiful cake, now you need to present it to its best.  Here's an eclectic collection of cake and cupcake stands available over the internet all costing £20* or less!

If you're anything like me once you've made a cake, be it a straight forward Victoria Sandwich or perhaps something a little more elaborate, you'll want to present it on a cake stand.  After all, once you've gone to all that time and effort, your cake deserves to be presented in such a way that it is showed off to its best.  Cake stands do just that, being raised from the table the cake is literally placed on a pedestal, elevated from all of the other goodies adorning the table.  The cake almost seems to be at the diner's eye line, allowing it to say "look at me, don't I look good!"

Now as we know, cake stands can sometimes cost an arm and a leg, so with this in mind I decided to challenge myself to see what I could find costing £20* or less!  Although there were obviously many lovely deigns well above that threshold, I was pleasantly surprised to find so many which ticked my personal challenge box.  Here they are:

 1.  From County Engraving this 32cm diameter Jade tinted glass single tier cake stand is simple yet feminine.  It can also be engraved, making it a special gift for the keen baker and costing £19.99 (though I suspect the engraving will be extra).

2.  With classic lines and a plain colour, this Linea Blanc Cake Stand allows the cake to do the talking.  It's from House of Fraser,  measuring 30cm diameter, and is presently priced at £12.50 having been reduced from £25!  Bargain! 

3.  Also from House of Fraser is this Linea Pave Cake Stand with dome.  Being  made of glass it would give a full view of your creation.  This item is also in the sale costing £15.00, previously being £30.

4.  From Crystal Clear this White Frosted Scroll Cake Stand is made of acrylic.  It's an unusual tall cake stand with 3 different sizes available, ranging in price from £17.06 to £20.87.  

5.  This ceramic Simple Cream Cake Stand from Ebay measures 25cm diameter and only costs £11.95!

6.  Watsons on the Web, are selling this Filigree Victorian round cake stand measuring 25cm diameter and costing £19.99.  It's something a little bit different.

7.  This Pavoni white cake stand is being sold by Rainbow Sugarcraft.  It looks so pretty,  measuring  23cm, and costing £18.97, though I'm not entirely sure what the material is.

8.   Just how pretty is this!  From Not on the High Street (Little Cupcake Boxes) are these vintage style Scrumptious Card Cake Stands.  Measuring at 30cm diameter, they're large enough to feature a beautiful cake. As they simply slot together they are perfect for those short of storage space, but being made of a strong cardboard they clearly won't give a vast amount of use, but costing just £8.75 you can't quibble!  

And should you want to display your cupcakes and smaller bakes in a fun way have a look at these items:

9.  How much fun is this Gourmet Food Cupcake Stand & Centrepiece!  Like the item above, it is made of card and is supplied with 12 decorative papercases, A-board and stickers, costing £19.50. It is sold through Not on the High Street (Little Cupcake Boxes).

 10.  Tesco is selling this  Cupcake Ferris Wheel.  Isn't it so much fun! It costs £16 and holds 8 cupcakes.

11.   From Not on the High Street (Postbox Party), how cute are these Alice in Wonderland teapot cupcake stands?  Costing £8 per pack, you receive 6 card stands of 3 different deigns.  I'm sure they'd appeal to the child in all of us, young and old.  They're just brilliant in my book!

*Disclaimer:  The prices of the items featured in this post were correct at the time of writing.  Since that point the seller may have adjusted their price.   This is NOT a sponsored post.


  1. I saw number 3 the other day when I was in House of Fraser with a gift card! It's pretty cute for a cupcake/small cake, but instead I opted for a flatcap for Tom :D Haa! I seriously can't fit much more in my kitchen, but I do love a fancy cake stand! ;)

    1. That's so funny Mands ;-)
      Yes space is at a premium for us in the kitchen too, that's why I thought those board stands made a nice compromise - especially if people don't use cake stands too often.
      Thanks for commenting,
      Angela x


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