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Strawberry & Elderflower 'No Churn' Yoghurt Icecream

Strawberry & Elderflower 'No Churn' Yoghurt Ice Cream

For a few weeks many of us Brits have been wondering where the summer had got to, asking for it to be posted back to us should it be found!  Well, we can now categorically confirm that summer has now been found and returned to us.  With knobs on! 

It's cracking the flags out there!  So hot!  I'm happy just standing in the supermarket freezer aisles in weather like this!  I know!

And if you're anything like me, who prefers the more gentle heat of spring time, you may well be diving into the freezer for ice creams! 

Strawberry & Elderflower 'No Churn' Yoghurt Ice Cream

So with part of our harvested home-grown strawberries, I made a yoghurt ice cream with strawberries & elderflower cordial.  If you fancy making your own elderflower cordial check out Mother Mands recipe which sound so easy, with a matter of fact description about why to pick the younger flowers!  Have a read, it was a definite laugh-out-loud moment here! :-) . ....but not just yet!  But on a serious note,  please do make sure you know exactly which flowers you're picking before you forage for some elderflowers to make your own cordial!!

So, Strawberry & Elderflower No Churn Yoghurt Ice Cream.  Although I've got an ice cream maker at home, courtesy of my brother..."thank you bro".... I fancied making a no churn ice cream this week.  I couldn't be bothered with faffing around with the ice cream maker in this heat, not that it's difficult. 

Strawberry & Elderflower 'No Churn' Yoghurt Ice Cream

Anyhow, I grabbed myself a bottle of shop bought elderflower cordial (I don't trust myself to forage for the correct flowers to make my own!) and natural 'full fat' yoghurt and had a play around.  It's really easy to make and a healthier choice than regular ice cream.  I would recommend, though, to make this easy ice cream as you need it simply because it tends to freeze very hard when left in the freezer for a number of hours.  It took our freezer about 2.5 hours for a soft set and about 4 hours for a firmer set.  The addition of glycerine, which is a vegetarian product, and is found in most supermarkets now a days, seems to stop the 'ice cream' developing too many ice crystals. 

Strawberry & Elderflower 'No Churn' Yoghurt Ice Cream

And the verdict? Lovely! It's a lighter version than a cream based ice cream; really refreshing being packed full of those tasty little berries; with a subtle hit of elderflower which I think would be missed if it wasn't included.  Divine served with a trickle of spare strawberry coulis.  Just what the doctor ordered in this weather!

Strawberry & Elderflower 'No Churn' Yohurt Ice Cream  Yum
Serves4 portions
Difficulty: Easy
Freezable: Essential
Time: hands on time 10 minutes; Freeze time about 2.5 - 4 hours

1L freezable container (ideally oblong to enable you to remove nice scoops when serving).
food processor  / stick blender, though not essential
For the yoghurt ice cream
200g ripe strawberries, cleaned hulled & cubed into 4-8 pieces
3-4 level dessert spoons icing sugar
3 tsp elderflower cordial
454g tub natural yoghurt
30g glycerine

1.  Start by macerating the strawberries.  Place the prepared berries in a good sized bowl and add the icing sugar.  Mix until combined.  Add the elderflower cordial & mix again. It will perhaps taste a little too sweet but remember it needs to counteract the tartness of the yoghurt. Leave to macerate for about 90 minutes.

2.  Blend the macerated strawberries in a food processor, with a stick blender, or just simply mash with a fork. 

3.  You may want to pass the strawberry mixture through a sieve to remove the seeds at this point.

4.  Place 1/3 of the strawberry mixture into a small container to reserve for dressing the ice cream.

5.  Empty the yoghurt into your freezable container and mix with half of the remaining strawberry mixture.  Add the glycerine and mix well. Then ripple the remaining coulis through the ice cream.

6.  Pop the lid on the container (or wrap in cling film) and place level in the freezer.  Freeze for about 2.5 - 4 hours, depending upon how firm you like it.

7.  Serve on it's own or with your favourite strawberry dessert and a drizzle of the remaining coulis.


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  1. Looks like a lovely light ice-cream Angela! I'm looking forward to trying it once I get my hands on some Elderflower cordial during next UK visit. I don't trust myself picking the flowers either, and am looking forward to having nice ready-made stuff! Thanks for sharing this recipe! :)

    1. It made a lovely change to the cream and custard based ice creams; a lot less 'naughty'. Hubby & I love going out for walks in the country side but are dreadful at identifying most of the plants accurately; and when it comes to foraging for plants to eat - well you certainly need to know exactly what you're picking.
      Thanks for popping by and commenting,
      Angela x


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