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Kitchenalia #5 - Essential Picnic Items

Picnic Items
Do you want to join me for a picnic?

It's the time of year now when many people enjoy going out and about for a picnic, taking with them some delectable & yummy food.  The children have broken up for their long summer holiday, the sun is out (in theory), there are blue skies all around (also in theory) and people, generally, enjoy getting out into the countryside for a picnic.

So with this in mind, I though I'd share with you a few useful items for a summer picnic which I came across after a little search of the internet.

Picnic Blanket

1. Well, for a kick off you're going to need something to sit on especially if there aren't any picnic benches near the brook your planning on going to! So how about this green herringbone pattern, made in the UK, £59.99 from Fruugo Link  I just had to pick this, I'm a sucker for all things green!

Picnic Blanket

2. Now if your not wanting to spend a small fortune on a picnic blanket which will probably only get used once each summer, given the nature of the British weather, how about this waterproof picnic rug sold Via Amazon at £5.99!!

Picnic Melamime plate

3. Well, you're certainly going to need some sort of plates. If you don't fancy risking your kitchen crockery and wanted something a little more substantial than paper plates, why not check out this melamine plate by Orla Kiely.  I just love the pattern.  It's stocked in John Lewis but at £10 per plate (or at least that's the impression I get) it's certainly not the cheapest thing going. Though the set can be grown over time with the addition of  juice jugs,  containers, bowls etc.

Picnic Melamime Plate

4. And how cute is this melamine 'Kissing Squirrels' plate!!!  I just love squirrels.  I know a lot of folk don't, describing them as 'Tree Rats'!  But I like squirrels, they're cute and I really would like to see a Red squirrel.  You know like 'Tufty'. They're pretty difficult to see as the areas they occupy are just dwindling, being forced out by the larger grey squirrels but that's another story.
So, this plate,  it's from Anorak and they sell it for £5.50.  The range includes bowls, glasses, picnic rug!!...I may just have to, "Mr E, pass me the credit card!".

Childrens Plates

5. And just for the young ones, they may like to take with them this 3 piece 'Despicable Me' set, available from Debenhams for £10.00.

Picnic cloche

6. Of course, one of the principal reasons for people disliking picnics is because of the wasps and flies landing on our delicious food.  So with that in mind, a food cloche may be just the thing.  Amazon sell this pack of 3 for £5.25.

Picnic Cloche

7. Alternatively Amazon also sell this pack of 2 45cm x 45cm collapsible food cloche for £4.99

Coloured Picnic glasses

8. These picnic glasses are just perfect to ensure everyone knows which is their glass with the different colours. Available from M&S  for a pack of 4 costing £9.50.

Picnic glass holders

9. Now, you're not going to want your drink spilling over, especially if there are a few 'grapes' in it, so these glass holders from Lakeland, costing £4.99 for a pock of 4, look just the job.

Picnic cool bag

10. And how are you going to transport all of our picnic goodies? Well, remember the kissing Squirrel melamine plates, well it'd be churlish of me not to include the kissing squirrel 20L capacity cool bag.  Again available from Anorak and costs £38.00.

Picnic Rucksack

11.  This picnic bag looks brilliant, practical being a rucksack design, and comes with enough plates, glasses and cutlery for 4 people! Plus loads of other items!! Blimey, I'll just delete everything above shall I, everything you need seems to be here... oh, there's no kitchen sink  ;-)  It's available through Amazon and costs  £44.99.

Picnic Hamper

12.  If you're more traditional and fancy an actual picnic basket, I though this 'Grenfield' one from Fine Foods looked really good for the money at £44.95.  It includes settings for 4 people of crockery, glasses and cutlery.  Doesn't it look classy? 

Picnic Hamper

13. Or even this picnic hamper from Garden Street, it just looks the bee's knees, containing salt and pepper shakers alongside the usual parfenalia!  Perhaps this one has a kitchen sink?  It costs £74.99 which I think is a really good price for everything it contains.  No jam sandwiches in here folks!

Inflatable Chair

14.  And should you fancy something a little comfier to sit on than an a hard grass field, just have a look at this inflatable chair and pouffe  from Clas Ohlson, all you need now is some gorgeous soul to peel grapes for you as you recline back and enjoy the British weather!! Oh, just don't forget the foot pump!!

So, if you're off for a picnic, or two, this summer have a great time!

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