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Kitchenalia #3 - Teapots & Cosies!

Kitchenalia - Teapots & Cosies

I can honestly say, hand on heart, that I most definitely love a cup of cha.  Actually that's putting it mildly.  It's the first drink I take of a morning, and the last of an evening.  And in between?  Well there are oh so many!  Far too many to count!!

And teapots.  Well, they just make all the difference in my book.  90% of the time I will brew my tea in a cup / mug.  But when I have a spare half hour, sat with our feline friend, I will brew a good 'ol pot of a teapot.... not a mug!

So, especially for the tea lovers amongst us, here is a selection of lovely teapots to enjoy your favourite brew.....though do please take it served with a slice of cake, of course!

Kitchenalia - Teapots & Cosies

1.  A gorgeous polka-dot teapot from Whittards, here.  I believe it has 50% off  at the moment (May 2015).  And we all love a bit of Polka-dot, don't we? 
Kitchenalia - Teapots & Cosies

2.  I thought this was rather fun, especially if you were brewing something akin to the teas you get at Betty's Tea Rooms.  I remember the first time Mr E & I enjoyed afternoon tea in the York establishment, looking in the teapot was what seemed to be a whole branch of tea! I found this teapot here from G  Baldwins costing £11.99.

Kitchenalia - Teapots & Cosies

3.  Isn't this just a wonderful teapot, available from Whittards  here.  It's, of course, the Alice in Wonderland Tea-party Teapot costing £35.00  Besides the fantastic mono-chrome design, the actual teapot shape is lovely.

Kitchenalia - Teapots & Cosies

4. You know, I particularly really like this tea pot from M&S costing £29.50,  it has a wonderful blackberry design across its body.  And I believe it comes with matching crockery - well of course it does. Just click here  for more details.

Kitchenalia - Teapots & Cosies

5.  I just HAD to include this teapot.  It's green (obviously!).  My favourite colour!  And what a wonderfully shaped body and handle.  It's available from Twinning's here  costing £39.00.

Kitchenalia - Teapots & Cosies

6.  This teapot is also available from Twinning's here.  Again, I just loved the shape, it's lovely and quirky in my book, with the lid sat on a jaunty angle.  Its understated elegance is simply lovely. It's by Alison Appleton Camellia costing £42

Now, ladies and gentlemen.......
don't go just yet.  Any self respecting tea drinker just has to have a tea cosy, of course!  After all, you want to keep your brew warm!

Kitchenalia - Teapots & Cosies
Tea cosies
All three were found at 'Not on the High Street'.  The first is a Chicken-knitted tea cosy, by Ulster Weavers here,  costing  £20.  The second cosy reminds me of my Grandma's knitting, by Chi Chi Moi costing £25.00 here.  And the third is a cute cottage style tea cosy, also by Ulster Weavers here costing £20.00

How do you enjoy your tea? Are you a lover of tea pots, or do you brew your cha straight in the mug?  Which is your favourite teapot and cosy?

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  1. Love this post so much! Tea is definitely the best! I love the polka dot teapot and the 2nd clear teapot, also the second tea cosy is so sweet! This post was great, it has cheered up my I'm going to make a cuppa!

    1. Aw, thanks Emily! Glad you enjoyed it. That teacosy is super cute. It reminded me of my Grandma so much, she used to for forever making pom-poms (or it always seemed that way)!
      Hope you had a good brew ...with a slice of cake!
      Thanks for reading Emily.
      Angela x


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