Friday, 29 May 2015

Asparagus, Goats' Cheese & Pesto Tartlets

Asparagus, Goats' Cheese & Pesto Tartlets
Top 3 images of asparagus courtesy of Pixabay

 Whilst asparagus spears have been in season here in the UK, Mr E & I have been buying a bundle each week. After all, the season is so short, it'd be churlish not to enjoy such a beautiful crop whilst it's brimming full of flavour and goodness on the supermarket shelves.

We've been enjoying our Asparagus & Baked Egg Salad of late, but this week we fancied making something a little different with them.  We had the remnants of some nice soft crumbly goats' cheese in the fridge and half a jar of pesto which needed using; and so our Asparagus, Goats' Cheese & Pesto tartlets were born.


Monday, 25 May 2015

Matchmaker Cupcakes

Matchmaker cupcakes
Ladies & gentlemen , boys & girls, please don't faint with what I am about to divulge.  It's quite shocking.  In fact I've never heard of it happening before.  So, do sit down and brace yourselves for what I'm about to share.....


Thursday, 21 May 2015

Chocolate Eclairs with Lemon & Chantilly Cream

Chocolate Eclairs with Chantilly Cream & Lemon
These little beauties were made in celebration of a dear friend & neighbour's 80th birthday!    Hope you had a lovely day David!

David has many a tale to tell.  Well after all, being 80 years young he's seen a lot.  He worked as a chef on board the merchant ships as a young man and later sailed on impressive liners, even meeting famous people like Winston Churchill and the Queen Mother!  So when our neighbour passes praise for my pastry work, I know I'm doing something right!

And, yes, David thoroughly enjoyed his birthday chocolate éclair.


Monday, 18 May 2015

You say Tomatoes, I say Versitile, Nutritious & Yummy Fruits!

Happy British Tomato Week to you all! 

British Tomato Week this year runs from 18th to 25th May.  It celebrates the magnificence of the humble British tomato.  As we all know, the tomato is jam packed with good stuff, such as Lycopene, Vitamin A & Carotenes, have a read of my all things tomato if you'd like to learn a little more.  I've even read somewhere (don't think I dreamt it, although anything's possible!) that they're even great smothered on sunburnt skin!  (Though it's no doubt better to slather on the sun cream first preventing any burning so we can eat these gorgeous little fruits.)  


Happy Whituntide! A Yorkshire Curd Tart

Yorkshire Curd Tart

Happy Whitsuntide everybody!

Whitsuntide is traditionally celebrated about 7 weeks after Easter, this year it falls on 24th May.  Today!  That's a coincidence!  My mum informs me that girls would receive a new frock at Whitsuntide.  "Mr E, get your coat, we're off shopping"!  Well, it is traditional!  I don't need much excuse.  If you like, you can read more about Whitsuntide here


Thursday, 14 May 2015

Vegetarian Pork Pies

This vegetarian Pork Pie recipe is a great meat free alternative.  They're delicious enjoyed either warm as a family meal or cold as part of a buffet, picnic or a filling packed lunch.   The hot water crust pastry is forgiving, robust and easy to work with. 

Vegetarian Pork Pie recipe

As a child, I loved pork pies.  I'll correct that, I loved the hot water crust pastry surrounding pork pies!  My poor mum exasperated as I ate the pastry, leaving the jelly and pork filling!  Such a wasteful child!

These days, with our household being vegetarian pork pies are something I never buy during our weekly shop, but with a few veggies and Quorn pieces we can enjoy a homemade meat free pork pie! 


Monday, 11 May 2015

Summer Shows & Strawberries!

Summer Shows

Summer is creeping up on us quite quickly, and this means there is a plethora of summer fairs and shows just around the corner.  (Seriously, how did that happen, it honestly only seemed like yesterday that I was buying Easter eggs for everyone!)  Tempus Fugit!

Spring and summer fairs are great fun.  There's great food to be enjoyed; competitions for the best ram / cow / rabbit to watch; displays of home made crafts to behold; unique stalls to buy from; talented entertainers to watch; and generally great fun to be had.


Saturday, 9 May 2015



Gingerbread, most certainly a delicacy of Yorkshire.  God's Own County.  It's a wonderfully easy bake, utilising the melting method.  The bake produces a lovely soft sponge packed with flavour, which keeps incredible well, definitely improving as everyday passes.  The cake becomes stickier and far more flavoursome, so it's wise to wrap the cake well and store in an airtight container for a day or two before cutting into it.  And, the smell in your home as the cake bakes is simply wondrous!


Thursday, 7 May 2015

Individual Spinach & Goats' Cheese Lasagne

Individual Spinach & Goats' Cheese Lasagne

Today I am sharing with you another of our 'go-to' savoury vegetarian recipes. It's really easy, filling, nutritious and once it's layered up you can leave it to one side until your ready to cook it.  As the weather can't decide what to do, it is guaranteed to warm you through until those sunny days arrive.

Sunday, 3 May 2015

Kitchenalia #3 - Teapots & Cosies!

Kitchenalia - Teapots & Cosies

I can honestly say, hand on heart, that I most definitely love a cup of cha.  Actually that's putting it mildly.  It's the first drink I take of a morning, and the last of an evening.  And in between?  Well there are oh so many!  Far too many to count!!

And teapots.  Well, they just make all the difference in my book.  90% of the time I will brew my tea in a cup / mug.  But when I have a spare half hour, sat with our feline friend, I will brew a good 'ol pot of a teapot.... not a mug!