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The A-Z of Me (part 1)

If you're wondering who the 'newbie' to the blogging world is, then keep reading!

There are quite a few A-Z's doing the rounds at the moment, which I've really enjoyed reading.  Does that make me nosy?  I hope not.  I just think it's nice to learn a little more about the blog's author.

Given that 'Only Crumbs Remain' is very young (still in nappies really!) I thought it may be interesting for you to learn a little more about me.  So, I'm jumping on the band wagon and sharing snippets of information with you.  The first will cover A-M.

A  is for Auctions
Image courtesy of Pixabay
I was an auction virgin until Mr E arranged to take me to one for my birthday a couple of years ago.
I do seem to have a fascination with all things old, was that why I fell for Mr E?? (Only joking honey!)  Going to an auction had been on my imaginary bucket list for quite sometime.
It was an amazing day out.  The adrenaline was coursing through my veins whilst I bid on a couple of items.  Such a buzz!

I decided to bid on a sampler from 1844 by a young girl called Mary Ann Marshall aged 13.  Samplers are pieces of needlework carried out by young girls well over 100 years ago.  It was a way of showcasing their skill in readiness for marriage. We were lucky enough to secure it for under £20! And it's lovely with a strawberry motif around its boarder.

B is for Black & White Movies
Image courtesy of Pixaby
Mr E introduced me to black & white movies whilst we were dating.  Not that I'd never heard of them, obviously, but I'd never really taken the time to watch many.  Black & white movies are great; there's no bad language, nudity or crashing cars for the sake of it.  And there's always a plot, which can't always be said for many of the modern day films.

C is for Cats
Image courtesy of Pixaby.
Very, Very sadly our pictures of George were stored on a PC which is now defunct and we have been unable to retrieve them.
Both Mr E & I are animal lovers, both particularly love cats having grown up with them in our childhood homes.  Our first cat together was a rescued ginger cat that we named George.  He was fantastic, and definitely my boy.  He'd even sprawl on the edge of the bath whilst I had a soak!  His long tail dangling in the warm water! Sadly we had to let him go far too soon at 6 year old due to cancer. :(  We now have a new feline friend to share our life with.  More on him later.

D is for DIY
As a child I would often 'assist' my father with his 'DIY' projects. I'd be there passing screwdrivers and holding ladders steady.  With our own home now, I still carry out the odd DIY project; not only wallpaper hanging  and painting but clearing walls of plaster and re-pointing the stone seams!!  I love bare stone walls.  They're so interesting. 

And if you can ice a cake, you could have a go at pointing a wall!

E is for Evening Classes
Image courtesy of Pixaby

A few years back I decided to study 'anatomy, physiology and massage' (steady with the comments!) at an evening class in our local college whilst working full-time.  It was really interesting and led onto me studying reflexology - a sort of specialised foot (or hand) massage.  If you've never experienced one, they are actually very, very relaxing and can be far less embarrassing than stripping off for a massage!

F is for Family

Myself, Grandma and younger brother
Family, passed and present, is very important to both Mr E & I.  My parents, who live only a short walk away from us, were given pet names of 'Doris' and 'Malcolm' by my brother!  Those names have well and truly stuck and although my mum keeps saying "I'm not called Doris", she still turns around & responds to it when called ! It can be very amusing!

G Is for Green
Image courtesy of Pixaby
I do certainly try to be environmentally friendly by using jute bags and recycling etc, but 'green' here actually refers to the colour green.

I love green. And have done so for many, many years.  I especially love the vintage 1920s / 1930s shade of green.  There's an awful lot of green in our home - kitchen feature wall, hall & landing key walls, bedroom and outside windows!

H is for Horology
Image courtesy of Pixaby
As a child did you ever blow on dandelion heads to find out the time??!!
Horology is all about clocks and time keeping.
I do love clocks; that lovely regular tick-tock, tick-tock. 
In our kitchen, which isn't overly large, we have 5 clocks, plus the oven clock! Don't ask!  I've no idea why or how there got to be so many; but why not?!  At times it makes me think of 'doc's' room from 'Back to the Future'!

I is for the Isle of Mull
Image courtesy of Pixaby
Again, our Mull images are on the defunct PC!
Oh, wow!!! Wow, wow, wow!!!
Mr E & I visited the Isle of Mull a couple of years ago.  We'd already visited Edinburgh twice and felt adventurous and fancied visiting one of the Hebredian islands.  If you're not sure where Mull is, it's situated just off the west coast of Scotland, across from Oban and south of the Isle of Skye.
To get to there you need to catch a ferry, which I must admit I felt nervous about driving on (Mr E doesn't drive), but the attendants on board guide you precisely where to park, so it was OK.
We stayed in a lovely & accommodating B&B at Lochdon, not far from Craignure where the ferry docks.  Just from our bedroom window we could watch the red deer and other wildlife.  And at night, given the really low light pollution, the stars were numerous and bright.
We didn't manage to see all that the Isle of Mull had to offer, but what we did see was gorgeous.  Tobermory was lovely with the brightly coloured buildings encircling the harbour. And to the North West of Tobermory we found Calgary Bay.  Beautiful.
The image above, I believe is take on the Isle of Islay (very near Mull).  It gives a little idea of how gorgeous Calgary Bay is, with its golden beach and clear, pristine blue sea!
Isle of Mull, we'll definitely be back.

J is for James O'Neill


James & Minnie on their wedding day
James O'Neill

Over the past year I've been doing a little ancestry research.  James O'Neill was my maternal grandmother's father.  So my great grandfather.  Sadly he & his wife died when my grandma was only 2 years old. (Grandma then being brought up with her cousins). 
We have some fabulous pictures of James when he was in the Royal Garrison Artillery (RGA) which are fascinating.
In the 1911 census James and Minnie, his wife, ran the Royal Oak in North Yorkshire.  It's amazing that the Inn still operates as intended given the number of pub closures in recent years.  So Mr E & I are determined to make the journey into North Yorkshire very soon.  It'll be lovely to see where James lived (for part of his life) and my grandma was born!
PS - I know the images above are poor, but the photographs themselves are over 100 year old!

K is for Kitchen
Image courtesy of Pixaby
A large part of my time at home is spent in the kitchen (with the 5 clocks)!  Baking, bread making, cooking. Oh, and doing the pots!
I love baking, though isn't that obvious given the fact that I'm tentatively writing a food blog!

L is for Leap Year
Image courtesy of Pixaby
As most of you will probably know, it is traditionally acceptable for ladies to propose to their fellas on the leap year day.  I'd bought a shed load of Love Heart sweets and having eaten the unsuitable ones, I was left with a handful which read "Will You Marry Me. I Love You". 
To cut a long story short, Mr E said "Yes". 
I'm so glad he did :)

M is for Mr E 
Mr E & I
Mr E, my better half.
I met Mr E at work having been introduced by a mutual friend.
He's fantastic; intelligent; funny; terribly thoughtful.  He's my hubby and always will be.
If you're reading this gorgeous, I love you! (Readers, do avoid vomiting at this point!)

So, I hope some of you managed to stay with me through the A-M and learnt a little about me.  I'm hoping you'll be back to read the next instalment.


  1. I absolutely love black and white movies and Mull is one of my favourite places. I went a few times when I was younger and it's just beautiful, especially the crossing over to Iona. Also love how you call your mum Doris, that's so funny! Lianne x

    1. We didn't get to Iona on our visit sadly, though it is definitely on our places to visit when we next get to Mull. I believe the beach on the far side of the island is amazing.
      It is so funny that my folks, especially my mum respond so well to their 'pet' names. Mr E even called her Doris on their first meeting whilst sat around the dinner table. I was in hysterics and everyone wondered what was so funny because the name has stuck so well.
      Thanks for your comment Lianne
      Angela x


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