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The A-Z of Me (part 2)

Our blue-eyed boy 
Well last week I jumped onto the 'A-Z of me' band wagon in an effort to introduce myself to the blogging world. I've been really pleased with the number of readers I've had for Part 1, and therefore, given that you've probably not slept in anticipation of part 2 (haha), I thought I'd better get part 2 out there!  So here it is, and less of the jest, thank you so much for reading.  It's very heart warming.

N is for November
Image courtesy of Pixabay
November is my birth month.
I'm not a lover of dark nights nor bonfire night for that matter; though I do love cosying up in front of a real fire with a good pot of tea.  And the child in me loves walking through and kicking up the crisp dry autumn leaves

O is for Ornithology 
Images courtesy of Pixabay.
Clockwise from Top right: Longtail Tit, Mandarin Duck, Grey Heron

Mr E & I love going for walks in the countryside; though more of that later.
Whilst walking we've discovered a love of ornithology, well bird watching to you and me.
They are seriously interesting; the colours, size and shape of all the different birds in Britain.
It was only last spring when Mr E & I watched two wrens trying to kill one another as they fought over territory (and the ladies!)
I particularly love the grey herons (so pre-historic looking), longtailed tits (beautiful colours), and the common but amusing mallards. And have you ever come across a mandarin duck - they look just like a child has coloured them given the wide range in the colour pallet!

P is for Plants

Image courtesy of Pixabay
At the moment, Mr E & I only have a small garden.  Well, it's actually a yard, though we've shoe-horned over 30 plant into that small space.
I love waking in the morning to be able to see bulbs poking their noses through the soil and the growth they've put on during a short 24 hour period.  You can almost see some plants grow in front of your eyes at this time of year.
My favourite plant in our garden is a Magnolia Stellata.  The flower buds have just started to open in the past few days. We bought it in memory of George (see cats) in A-Z part 1.  The beautiful star like flowers are short lived, but it gives us a lot of pleasure year round.

Q is for Quiet
As a child and young adult I would barely say "boo" to a goose!
Now that I'm a little older, I've found a bit more confidence and will speak a little more; but I will still hold back until I feel I know the person more.
Even posting 'waffle' in my little corner of the internet is quite daunting at times.

R is for Ragdolls
Our blue eyed boy, at (L-R) 4 year old, 8 week old and 4yr old.
Meet our feline friend.    We first met him at the age of around 8 - 9 weeks old, along with his siblings and mother.  On our first meeting he fell asleep in the palm of my hand, so we decided that he was the boy for us because he must have felt comfortable and safe with us. 
He's a Ragdoll cat.  As my mum would say, "he's a thorough-bred!" We'd never even heard of this breed until we were reading about breeds when deciding what type of cat to get. They are meant to be laid back, friendly and intelligent.  Though we do wonder if he's an imposter from time to time!!
He's definitely a mummy's boy!
And being a semi-long haired cat, his moulted brushed fur is great to save and put out into a peanut feeder for the nesting birds! 
If you're in the mood for some 'aw factor', have a look here. Seriously cute Ragdoll kittens.
But they do grow up - big, VERY BIG! (see adult Ragdoll cat images)

S is for Steam Trains
Image courtesy of Pixabay

There is just something so romantic about steam trains!  To travel on a steam train had been something I had wanted to do for quite sometime.
We experienced the North Yorkshire Moors Railway which run from Pickering to Whitby over the North Yorkshire Moors; though we didn't take the full journey, alighting at Grosmont.  Grosmont is great itself.  It has a lovely gift shop and tea room (which serves Yorkshire Tea of course!) And the 'rest room' is just sooo 1920's / 1930's in style, with the vintage green I so love.  And there is also the opportunity to view the steam engines in the work shed.
An experience we really enjoyed.

T is for Tea and Tea Rooms 
Image courtesy of Pixabay
I do love a good pot of cha. 
It's my first drink in the morning and my last drink in the evening, along with many in between!  Mr E bought me a gift of  different teas.  There were one or two teas I didn't particularly enjoy, specifically  the floral ones, though we did come across a few new ones which we really did enjoy; namely the 'Russian Caravan'.  Certainly one to try if you've never come across it.  
And I do love calling into quaint little tea rooms to wet my whistle! 

U is for University
Image courtesy of Pixabay
After completing my A-Levels, I went to University in Bradford.  A city commutable from my family home.  I studied teaching, but although I graduated with a really pleasing grade, I didn't enter the profession.

V is for Vegetarian
At 18 I turned vegetarian.  I simply couldn't face eating 'flesh' from another creature.  Now, a number of years on, I am no longer officially vegetarian.  Occasionally I will have some chicken, fish or even bacon, but I must admit I'm very fussy where I purchase and consume that meat.
Mr E is still vegetarian, and I guess he always will be.  As a result, the vast majority of our cooking is vegetarian.

W is for Walking in the Countryside
Image courtesy of Pixabay
Most weekends Mr E & I will go for a walk.  We usually get off the beaten track; going through fields; over stiles; along river banks; across moors.  There are days when we feel that we can't be bothered, but we make that effort and both comment that we are glad we got our bums off the sofa.
It's so great to blow-out the cobwebs after a hard week.

X is for xxx (that's kiss, kiss, kiss!)
I've been blogging for a very short time; just a month.  But during that time I'm amazed by the number of readers I've had so far.  So a great big 'Thank you'  to all those who have had a look and even commented on 'Only Crumbs Remain'.  Thank you.

Y is for Yorkshire
Image courtesy of Pixabay
Yorkshire is my home county.  Born and Bred in Yorkshire.
It's a fantastic county, with great shopping in cites like Leeds and York; countryside with the Dales and moors; and coastal towns like Whitby, Scarborough and the quaint Robin Hoods Bay.
Just call me Yorkshire Tourism Board!

Z is for Zzzzzz's
Image courtesy of Pixabay
If sleeping was an Olympic event I could certainly give the other contenders a run for their money!  I love my sleep.  Curling up in a comfy bed with fresh bed linen dried in the summer breeze is just sooo nice.  I often wonder if I am in preparation for being a cat in my next life.  Though I still have a fair way to go, given the amount our feline friend sleeps!

Well, that's me in an A-Z.  I hope you found it interesting.  And congratulations to those hardy folk who didn't fall asleep partway through reading! 


  1. I've actually not read an "A-Z of me" post before and I really enjoy the style! It was fun learning a little bit about you and we actually have a few things in common. :)

    1. Thank you Kie. I've read a handful of them in the past few weeks and they are interesting as you say; though it can take a little while to complete the more obscure letters!
      Thanks for reading Kie.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Kerry,
      When we decided to get a Ragdoll cat it was because of the characteristics; and it just so happens that they are REALLY handsome as well. Though don't tell him that - it'll go to his head ;)
      Thanks for reading.
      Angela x


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