Monday, 27 April 2015

Kitchenalia #2 - Cat Crockery!

Yeah, you read it correctly!  Cat-crockery.  Crockery for the cat in your life!  Well why not?

Recently our boy's usual plate was chipped by his mummy.  That's me!  I'm just so clumsy! It's not too disastrous because said chip is on the underside of the plate.  But, the other day I spent a few minutes browsing the internet to see what sort of things were available.

Our Boy
Now, once-upon-a-time, we used plastic feeding bowls for our childhood cats (Katie, Chloe & Charlie),  but Mr E & I tend to avoid those now because overtime they tend to become scratched which then can harbour germs.  I don't know about you, but we don't fancy feeding our kitty a meal with a side serving of germs!  This is why we now tend to use crockery. 
I also quite often use plates (just for the kitty) for him to eat from, because some cats can be a bit fussy about using bowls given how sensitive their whiskers are.  Even though he has a tendency to then get his food all over the place, he does then clear it up!    

So, here is what I found on the 'net' after just a few minutes of searching.  I thought I'd share them with you all because I know so many of you have a little bundle of fur in your lives.

A selection of 'cat crockery'.  Numbered 1-5 from L to R

1.  I was really drawn to this piece of pottery because of it's lovely but simple shape, created by Lauren Sumner Pottery, who sells on Etsy here.  It's understated & classic. I believe other colours are available.

2. This bowl is available from Pet's at Home here and costs just £4.00.  It's straight forward, the lovely ginger moggy motif drew me to it.

3. How cute is this plate?  Perhaps it's a bit too nice for our feline friends, but I thought I'd include it because it really made me smile.  I think the plate is actually designed to serve cookies, but I could certainly argue that those cookies could in fact be cat biscuits.  "Your cat cookies are here, kitty" ;).  I found it at 'Not on the High Street' here costing £25.00, called 'These cookies are the cat's pyjamas'.

4. I really thought these were super cute and a little bit quirky.  They're a cat bowl with little paws and tails . You can buy them from EnchantdMushroomLand who sells on Etsy here.

5. The final bowl is purse friendly costing just £4.00 at Pets at home.  It's a lovely blue design called 'laceydaze summer', have a look here.

What's your favourite?  Is your kitty in the market for a new some new 'cat-crockery'?

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