Friday, 6 March 2015

Chocolate Truffle Gift Box

This year I've made some lovely home made chocolate truffles for mother's day, you can read how I made them here.  I always find that home made gifts are well received, after all I think that there's more thought goes into them.

Now that I've made the truffles, I need to present them to her beautifully.  I could purchase  a box from a shop or via the internet but given that the truffles are handcrafted, I thought "why not make my own chocolate box!"

So I did!

You'll never guess what I used for the chocolate box.  A clue is that most homes would have one or two in their kitchen!  Give in?  I used an egg box!  Yes, an egg box!  Bit random perhaps, but it works, it's free (not that my mum isn't worth spending money on) but it generates the feeling of home made lovely creations and the truffles fit in a treat!  Hat's off to Mr E (my better half), who came up with the idea.  He's a clever lad!

Chocolate Truffle Gift Box

If you fancy giving it a go, you'll need:
- An egg box (ideally a cardboard one.  I used the half dozen size)
- PVA glue
- Small brush
- Coloured tissue paper/ mulberry paper / glossy magazine pictures etc
- Ribbon
- Old newspaper

How to do it (again it's really easy)
1. Firstly lay out the old newspaper over your work area and I'd suggest keeping any feline friends out of the way - you know how curious they can be!

Our Feline Friend

2. Remove any paper from the box.

3. I used mulberry paper in pale blue, my mum's favourite colour.  A large sheet costs about £1 from craft shops and should be sufficient to cover the outside of a half dozen size egg box.
I started by painting the outside lid of the egg box with PVA glue and applying a layer of torn mulberry paper.  Allow it to overlap and use the brush to help smooth the paper down and ease it around the corners and edges.  I found that I needed to apply 3 layers of mulberry paper to achieve the desired finish.  You don't need to let it dry between the layers though the box was allowed to dry fully before I started covering the bottom section of the box.
4. Leave the box to fully dry over night before popping your chocolate in.

5. I did the above technique on the outside and laid some soft mulberry type tissue on the inside.  You could continue with PVA decoupage technique on the inside, though obviously make sure the glue is entirely dry before popping your chocolates in!  I can't imagine that PVA & truffles would work too well together!!
Chocolate Truffle Gift Box

6.  I finished the decorated box with a length of lovely polka-dot ribbon.  The ribbon only cost 60p for a 1m length from the haberdashery shop in the local market!  Check out your local market, there are often some fantastic stalls!

What are you going to do for mother's day?  Are you gong to make your mum some handmade loveliness?


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