Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Jammie Dodger Cupcakes

Our Jammie Dodger Cupcakes are perfect for those who love the popular sandwich biscuit.  The cupcakes incorporate the tasty raspberry & white chocolate flavour combo for an extra yummy pimped up treat!

Jammie Dodger Cupcakes with a raspberry & white chocolate flavour combo.

I'm sure you're going to love my most recent cupcake recipe which are finished with a cheeky Jammie Dodger.   Having noticed how quickly these cupcakes 'disappered' I think it's safe to say that most people are a fan of Jammie Dodgers, as well as the raspberry and white chocolate flavour combination which is incorporated into these super light and delicious cupcakes.

Given that Jammie Dodgers are sandwiched together with raspberry jam, it would be rude not to use a little more raspberry jam in these cupcakes.  Not only is it applied as a 'splat' (technical word for you!) to finish off these cupcakes, there is also some more to be found inside the cupcakes too!

How to make Jammie Dodger Cupcakes


Thursday, 12 April 2018

Cat Cupcakes with video tutorial

Check out these fun fondant cat cupcakes.  They're made to help raise awareness of the Cat's Protection fundraising initiative, Pawsome Afternoon Teas.  They comprise of a delicious and moist chocolate cupcake which are topped with a chocolate ganache frosting before being decorated as a cute cat with fondant!  Includes video tutorial.

Fondant cat cupcakes

I've had so much fun making these cute cat cupcakes, seriously I felt like a giddy two year old again, chuckling as the fondant cat cupcake came to life!  As a baking fanatic (which I'm sure is pretty obvious given that I share a baking blog with you) and a cat lover, these cat cupcakes were right up my street.

Since being a toddler there's always been a cat or two in my life, and the same is true for Mr E.  These days hubby and I share our home with Chester, a loving, funny, mischievous, sleepy, beautiful Ragdoll cat.  He was just 8 weeks old when we first met him, but it was pretty obvious from the start he was the boy for us when he felt so content that he fell asleep in my hands!  He was just a small ball of fluff back then, and these days he's just, well, a bigger ball of fluff!

Ragdoll cat

I'm totally nuts about cats, it doesn't matter if they're moggies or pedigrees, house cats or feral cats, tabby or colour point.  Cats are so endearing, and loving and yet with a blink of an eye they can change from a sleepy lap cat to a predatory killer after a fly, a mouse, a bird, or even a scrunched up piece of paper!  That wild instinct is never far away.


Thursday, 5 April 2018

Breakfast Muesli Muffins

This easy, healthy muffin recipe is packed with goodness.  The muffins are not only perfect for breakfast on the go, but any time you choose.  We've chosen to call them Breakfast Muesli Muffins, though you could also refer to them as Muesli Muffins or Breakfast Muffins, but what I'm sure we will agree on is how tasty they are!  Every mouthful is deliciously different! 

Breakfast Muesli Muffin recipe

If you've embraced the Easter weekend whole heartedly, just like me, with lots of good food and of course chocolate, your body may be feeling in need of something a little more healthy.

Enter stage left these easy to make Breakfast Muesli Muffins.

How to make Muesli Muffins

Being quick and easy to make, and packed with all of the gorgeous fruits and cereals that we commonly find in muesli, these muffins are perfect for breakfast on the run, elevenses ... or simply just because.  In fact, although we've named this recipe Breakfast Muesli Muffins, in truth you can enjoy these at any time of day.  Please don't feel restricted to making these solely for your breakfast 😊.  

Muffin recipe perfect for breakfast

This muffin recipe is packed full of goodness.  Courtesy of the ready made muesli bought from our local Sainsburys store there was beetroot, apple and hazelnut, as well as chopped dates, cranberries, pumpkin seeds ... I could go on but suffice to say there was a whole lot of other yummy bits and pieces generously added to the flakes of wheat, spelt, oats and barley.  As you can imagine every mouthful is deliciously different!

And then let's not forget about the delicious spelt wholemeal flour used in our recipe which brings a lovely nutty flavour, and the panela sugar which makes this muffin recipe free of added refined sugar (though, of course, there may be some refined sugar in the muesli used).


Sunday, 1 April 2018

Baking Crumbs - April 2018

 Welcome to April's #BakingCrumbs linky!  This is the place for bloggers to share their baking recipes, and non-bloggers to find new ideas to whet their appetite.  This post contains a full round up of March's bakes where I also highlight what I recreated from the recipes linked up!   

March Baking Crumbs on Only Crumbs Remain

Happy Easter!  I hope you're all enjoying a lovely Easter weekend with friends family and, erm, chocolate!

March's Baking Crumbs linky clearly saw food bloggers prepare for Easter with the number of wonderful Easter themed bakes linked up from Easter cupcakes, Hot Cross buns (and even Hot Cross Scones!), to numerous ways of baking with mini eggs ... assuming you have any of those deliciously scrummy pastel coloured chocolate mini eggs left over!       

We'll start the round up with all of the Easter recipe ideas, so if you're tempted simply click on the recipe title in green to find out more.  And even if you're short of baking time this Easter weekend, why not pin the recipe ready for next year's inspiration!  You can also check out bakes linked up this month by clicking on the thumbnail images towards the bottom of the post.

For those of you curious to learn what we re-created in the Only Crumbs Remain kitchen from all of the bakes linked up in March do keep reading and all will be revealed!

March's Baking Crumbs Round-up.

4 Easter Recipes using Mini Eggs


Easter recipes
Clockwise from top left.


Thursday, 22 March 2018

Chocolate Mini Eggs with Popping Candy

You're going to love these Easter Chocolate Mini Eggs which are filled with Popping Candy!  They're easy to make and are a whole lot of fun to eat!

Chocolate Mini Eggs with Popping Candy perfect Easter confectionery treat

I'm sure you're going to love these fun solid chocolate mini eggs with popping a popping candy centre. 

And when I say fun, I really do mean fun.  Oodles of fun!  Are you ready to be transported back to your 8 year old self?

Pop one of these Chocolate Mini Eggs into your mouth and your first taste sensation is of the gold sugar sprinkles.  That's quickly followed by the deliciously silky tempered milk chocolate.  And whilst enjoying the melting sensation of the chocolate, comes the really fun part.  The popping candy!  The party of fireworks exploding in your mouth is sure to catapult you straight back to your childhood and have you reminisce about the confectionery you enjoyed - of which, if you're like Mr E and myself, I'm sure popping candy was one of them.

Popping candy in chocolate eggs

And if you've never tried popping candy - what are you waiting for!  I'm sure you'll love it in these mini eggs made with delicious chocolate. 


Sunday, 18 March 2018

How to make Easter Eggs

It's pretty easy to make your own Easter Eggs at home.  As well as being lots of yummy fun, it's the perfect way to customise them with your favourite confectionery.

Homemade chocolate Easter egg.

With the range of chocolate Easter eggs available in our local shops, stacked from floor to ceiling, I think it's fair to say that chocolate is a key ingredient as part of our Easter celebrations!  There's an awful lot of choice available starting with the ever popular Cadbury Mini eggs, through to large eggs with fancy decorations and jaw dropping price tags.

Chocolate Easter treats

But have you ever wondered how to make your own an Easter egg?

Well, it's pretty simple!

Of course by making homemade Easter eggs you're not only saving a few pounds, but you're able to customise them exactly how you want.  If you love marshmallows, then why not fill the egg with marshmallow cubes; a delicious centre of homemade fudge pieces would also make a great treat too.  As for the exterior of the egg, you can of course leave your chocolate Easter egg plain and unadulterated, like ours, though a drizzle of contrasting melted chocolate flicked to and fro would look very 'artistic'.   Alternatively, affixing some sugar flowers (which can be bought in the baking section of larger supermarkets) onto the shell with some royal icing or melted chocolate would look particularly pretty.  Or why not simply pipe the name of the recipient onto the chocolate shell - which would hopefully prevent squabbles between youngsters!

Chocolate Easter eggs filled with mini eggs and Malteser chocolate rabbits


Monday, 12 March 2018

Easter Chick Cupcakes with video tutorial

These fun Easter Chick Cupcakes are as easy to make as they are effective.  They're bright and cheerful perfect for a bake sale or Easter party.  The video tutotial further down the page takes you through the process step by step.

How to make Easter Chick Cupcakes

With Easter hurtling towards us at a great rate of knots today I'm sharing with you my first Easter bake of the year with these super cute Easter Chick Cupcakes which are really easy to create - and lots of fun too!  Our decorated Easter cupcakes are off the scale cute - if I do say so myself - with their dinky wings and fluffy feathers to top their head!

Decorated cupcake recipe for Easter

Character cupcakes, like these Easter themed ones, always bring a smile to people's face.  Although they do take a little longer to decorate than those finished with a piped swirl of frosting, that extra time is definitely worth the effort.  I can imagine these flying off (though not literally) a charity bake sale table as well as being the perfect addition to an Easter party!

Easter cupcake tutorial


Thursday, 8 March 2018

Vegetarian Meat & Potato Pies

Made with hot water crust pastry, these vegetarian meat & potato pies are pure comfort food.  They make a delicious, yet humble, meal served with a few vegetables.  

How to make a Vegetarian version of Meat & Potato Pies

With British Pie Week in full swing here in the UK, it would be remiss of me not to share a pie recipe here in Only Crumbs Remain.

In fact, to throw the cat amongst the pigeons, today I'm shaking things up a little by sharing a savoury pie recipe rather than a dessert which is usually the norm!  As they say a change is as good as a rest, but if you fancy a dessert pie, or tart, as well how about checking out our Blackberry & Pear Lattice Crust Pie, this classic Pear and Almond Tart with its delicious frangipane filling, or even our Bilberry & Custard Crumble Tart, which would be just as delicious made with blueberries instead.

Blackberry & Pear Lattice Crust Pie Pear and Almond Tart Bilberry & Custard Crumble Tart

Coming back to our Vegetarian version of Meat & Potato pie.

Vegetarian hot water crust pies

These individual vegetarian pies made a delicious and filling evening meal for Mr E & I earlier this week served with a few peas and carrots.  It's a pretty humble sort of pie, after all there's nothing fancy about it having been filled with a simple mixture of quorn mince and diced potatoes, but what it lacks in pizazz it makes up for in comfort.  And with the sort of weather we've been having of late comforting food is what we often need!


Thursday, 1 March 2018

Baking Crumbs - March 2018

 Welcome to March's #BakingCrumbs linky!  This is the place for bloggers to share their baking recipes, and non-bloggers to find new ideas to whet their appetite.  This post contains a full round up of February's bakes where I also highlight what I recreated from the recipes linked up!   

February Baking Crumbs

Febuary's #BakingCrumbs linky saw 29 wonderful recipes shared to provide inspiration, and generally drool over, from a showstopper cake to easy cookie recipes as well as seasonal ideas with pancakes and Valentine's day treats, and loads more besides! 

Of course, although Shrove Tuesday (pancake Tuesday) and Valentine's Day have been & gone for the year, pancakes still make a great weekend breakfast and of course the Valentine's Day bakes are waiting for you to pin them ready for next year's inspiration!  So, if you're tempted by any of the recipes below simply click on the recipe title in green to find out more.  You can also check out about the bakes linked up this month by clicking on the thumbnail images towards the bottom of the post.

And if you're curious to learn what we re-created in the Only Crumbs Remain kitchen from all of the bakes linked up in February do keep reading and all will be revealed - I'm sure you'll love it as much as we did, it's an absolute belter!

4 Everyday Cakes


Everyday Cakes
(Clockwise from top left)
  • Upside down cakes are super easy and incredibly effective - and of course really yummy too just like this Blood Orange & Chocolate Cake that I whipped up recently.
  • If you have a few pears lurking in the fruit bowl, how about using them in Rebecca's Chocolate and Pear Cake, which, being flour-less, is naturally gluten free.   
  • This easy to make upside down Rhubarb & Ginger Cake, from me at Only Crumbs Remain, is lightly spiced and gently warming.  It makes great use of seasonal forced rhubarb which marries well with the ginger.   
  • Chocolate cake in all of its guises is a winner with most people - just like this easy Chocolate Chip Loaf Cake from Louise over at Cooking with Kids. 

1 Showstopper Cake


Showstopper cake
  • If you're a fan of cookies & cream ice cream then you need to check out Kat's showstopper of a cake - Cookies and Cream Oreo Drip Cake.  Her picture says it all!   What are you waiting for?!