Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Easy Double Chocolate Cookies

This easy chocolate cookie recipe produces a generous sized cookie.  It is packed with yummy chocolate and is both deliciously rich and satisfying. 

How to make Easy Double Chocolate Cookies

Our easy to make Double Chocolate Cookies are a chocolate lover's dream thanks to the oodles of real chocolate in each and every bite!  These cookies not only contain cocoa powder that increases the rich chocolate flavour but also includes both dark and white chocolate.  The white chocolate chips punctuate the cookies giving pockets of sweetness contrasting deliciously against the large cookie, where as the gorgeous stream of melted dark chocolate helps make these cookies super yummy and melt in the mouth good!

In fact the 300g of dark melted chocolate added to these cookies could actually be described as a river rather than a stream!  

Easy Double Chocolate Cookie recipe

Now, if you're not a fan of dark chocolate I must encourage you not to dismiss these cookies.  Both hubby and I aren't fans of dark chocolate and yet we find these cookies to be both moreish and satisfying.  The trick, in our opinion, is to use a semi dark chocolate with something like 54% cocoa solids rather than the truly bitter dark chocolates containing around 70%.  Of course, you could err on the side of caution and use a 50/50 ratio of milk and semi dark chocolate, or even all milk chocolate, if you prefer.

Chocolate Cookies


Easy Double Chocolate Cookie recipe.

These Double Chocolate Cookies are super easy to make and develop a gorgeous, and incredibly tempting, crinkle appearance during the bake.  There's no rolling into a 'sausage' nor any chilling required with this cookie recipe.  It's simply a case of melting the butter and chocolate together, adding the eggs and dry ingredients before balling up the dough and baking them!  I mean how easy-peasy is that!

In fact it's so easy-peasy (and of course yummy) that I use a version of this chocolate cookie recipe when I make our Chocolate & Peanut Butter Sandwich Cookies.  As undoubtedly delicious as they are, today's cookie recipe gives you a treat which is much bigger with even more chocolate cookie yumminess!     

Chocolate & peanut Butter Sandwich Cookies


Thursday, 7 June 2018

Coconut & Lime Cupcakes

Our Coconut & Lime Cupcake recipe uses the tropical flavour combination to great effect.  They're easy to make, and perfect as a little family treat, shared with friends and work colleagues, or included in a charity bake sale.

Coconut and Lime Cupcake recipe

If you're looking for a treat with the delicious tropical flavours of coconut and lime you've certainly come to the right place.   These cupcakes are deliciously yummy, and when you've made them the once I'm sure it wont be long before you decide to make them again.

Coconut and Lime Cupcake Recipe.

These cupcakes are super easy to make using the classic Victoria Sponge recipe as the base for the batter.   Added to the batter is the finely grated zest of a lime and a nice amount of desiccated coconut, sufficient to support the coconut flavour but not too much to result in a dry cake. 

How to make coconut & lime cupcakes

Once baked and cooled the cakes are filled with a fabulously zesty homemade lime curd and topped with a coconut buttercream frosting and lightly toasted coconut flakes.  Although you might usually pipe your cake frostings to get a lovely swirl, our chosen method of decoration in this instance simply calls for it to be dolloped on (a technical word for you ๐Ÿ˜€) and smoothed out a little with the back of a spoon before finishing with a scattering of toasted coconut flakes.

Tropical cakes filled with lime curd and topped with coconut buttercream frosting.

Coconut Buttercream Frosting.

By far the easiest way to make a coconut flavoured buttercream frosting is by using a pre-flavoured icing sugar, and then making the buttercream frosting in the usual way with butter and lots of beating.  There certainly seems to be quite a few flavoured icing sugars available to buy from local high street shops and supermarkets these days, making the task of getting the right frosting consistency an awful lot easier.  The product we used for our coconut buttercream frosting is by Cake Decor, and is called flavour-ice naturally flavoured icing sugar, (this is not an affiliate link, I've mentioned it simply because I really loved the product) which we picked up from our local supermarket.  As you might expect, though, it is a little more expensive then ordinary icing sugar, but the great twist is that as the flavour is quite robust it's likely that you will be happy to 'dilute' the flavoured icing sugar with regular icing sugar helping to make it go a little further whilst still getting a really delicious clean coconut taste to your frosting.  We were happy with using roughly 2 parts coconut icing to 1 part regular icing sugar.     

How to make Coconut and Lime Cupcakes  filled with lime curd and topped with a coconut buttercream frosting and toasted coconut flakes.

If you decide to make these Coconut & Lime Cupcakes (and why wouldn't you because they're seriously yummy!), you'll surely need to have Harry Nilsson's 'Coconut' playing in the background!  And if you're not familiar with it (like me until an Instagram friend enlightened me) go and have a listen, though I make no apology for it getting in your head and having you singing all day long ๐Ÿ˜„ . 



How to make Coconut & Lime Cupcakes.


Tuesday, 5 June 2018

Homemade Lime Curd

This lime curd recipe is a delicious alternative to lemon curd.   The curd is easy to make and is perfect spread on a round of toast or included in a number of bakes.  

Homemade lime curd

If you're a fan of lemon curd, I'm sure you'll also love the delicious zesty-ness of lime curd too.  As popular as lemon curd is with many people, myself included, sometimes it's good to ring the changes.


Friday, 1 June 2018

Baking Crumbs - June 2018

Welcome to June's #BakingCrumbs linky.  Join me in revelling in all things baking by sharing your fabulous baked creations.

BakingCrumbs linky badge

How time flies, or Tempus Fugit as my father-in-law would have said.  It feels as though just a few days have passed since April's #Baking Crumbs round up when I told you of our love for the month of May and introduced Jo, of Jo's Kitchen Larder, as our guest host.

Before I share with you what hubby & I have been up to, I'd like to say a huge thank you to Jo for kindly agreeing to host last month's #BakingCrumbs, I'm sure you'll agree she did a really fabulous job ๐Ÿ˜„ .

Whilst Jo hosted last month Mr E & I kicked back a little and immersed ourselves in springtime.  We spent time at a Yorkshire Wildlife Trust site, Potteric Carr, where we revelled in watching hobby's catch and eat dragon flies on the wing.  We also travelled to Formby (which is maintained by the National Trust), located north of Liverpool, to watch the seriously cute red squirrels, see the famous asparagus fields where the spears grow just an arms length from the sand dunes, and breath in the sea air.  We certainly slept well that night!  We also took my parents out a couple of times including a visit to a local market town, Skipton, and simply enjoyed a slower pace of life.

Yorkshire Ceramics

At the end of April I was back in the pottery studio, Old Stables Studio run by the very talented Edyn, continuing my journey learning to throw clay on the potter's wheel.  It's a whole lot of muddy fun as well as being incredibly satisfying.  You may have noticed that I've started to include some of my pieces in my food photography here on the blog including the small blue handled bowl in the image further down the page!  Some of you may know that I've also opened up a second Instagram page to feature my pottery journey, which I've called Yorkshire Ceramics.    So if you're at all interested in the process of how they're made and would like to see more of what I've been making at the potter's wheel you'll make my day week year if you decide to follow me ๐Ÿ˜˜.

In and amongst all of this, we still found time to check out all of the amazing bakes linked up in May's BakingCrumbs linky hosted by Jo, after all where's the fun if there's no cake and biscuits - even if it's just virtually.

My highlights from May's BakingCrumbs

Do check out Jo's fab round up of May's bakes, where you'll also see what she and her family tried out from all of the bakes shared  - let's just say it's a fascinating flavour combo!   For me there were so many amazing bakes linked up from a down-right indulgent Salted Caramel Popcorn Cake from Debbie at Proper Foodie, an inspiring biscuit painting masterclass from Amanda at Icing Insights, a tantalising Lemon & Buttermilk Traybake cake from Jenny at Mummy Mishaps, to a fabulous Savoury Upside Down Cake from Kate at Gluten Free Alchemist.  After all, I'm sure you know how much I love an upside down cake!


What we recreated in the Only Crumbs Remain kitchen this month...

'Best Flapjacks Ever' from Apply to Face Blog

With well over 30 brilliant bakes linked up there was a lot of indecision, but the bake which tipped the proverbial kitchen scales for hubby & I was Jenny's 'Best Flapjacks Ever' recipe, perfect for when we get out for a walk off the beaten track. 

Jenny's flapjack recipe is definitely a cut above most others.  As with all flapjack recipes it's packed with oats, sugar and butter - but the fabulous, and ooh so yummy, twist is that she includes both light and dark soft brown sugars, along with the usual golden syrup, to introduce a caramel taste.  And if that wasn't enough, she exaggerates the caramel flavour even further by boiling the sugars and butter on the hob for a minute or two.  I mean who could resist a slice (or three) of a flapjack with a toffee like flavour that is firm on the outside and soft on the inside!  In fact, I had to show an inordinate amount of self restraint whilst taking the picture!  Seriously!  I was just glad that I had the right camera settings and the composition as I wanted so I could finish off the piece I'd already bitten into before grabbing another slice!

And just to add weight to Jenny's recipe title, 'Best Flapjacks Ever', after sharing what remained of the flapjack with hubby's work colleagues (we'd both end up the size of a house end otherwise!), it was described by one colleague as "the best flapjack I have ever had!"

You can find more of Jenny's recipes at Apply to Face Blog, along with lots of hilarious anecdotes that I'm sure many of us can relate to.


Monday, 28 May 2018

Cauliflower Crust Pizza

Cauliflower crust pizzas are a delicious alternative to the traditional bread dough pizza crust.  They are low carb, also known as keto, and perfect for those following a gluten free diet.  Not only are they easy to make I'm sure you'll be pleasantly surprised by how tasty and satisfying they are.   

Cauliflower crust pizza recipe with roasted butternut squash, goats' cheese & thyme

It's no secret that both Mr E & I enjoy our carbs, from pasta and rice, roast and mash potatoes, through to crackers and homemade breads including, of course, the bread dough crust of our pizza.  But a few weeks ago we had a moment of revelation, and we've not looked back since!

It was all down to a cauliflower crust pizza!

You see, I'd seen a recipe for cauliflower crust pizza in Sainsbury's Fresh magazine, and being fully aware of the growing love throughout the foodie world for cauliflower rice I really fancied giving it a try, it looked so tasty.

Cauliflower rice

Hubby, bless him, wasn't too convinced, to be honest, but was happy enough for me to 'play' with the cauliflower rice and construct what appeared to be a pizza base with it, whilst probably thinking to himself that we can easily have some soup and bread if said 'pizza' was a disaster.    

Very happily our first foray into the world of cauliflower rice and cauliflower crust pizzas was far from a disaster.  In fact it totally rocked!  Even Mr E was surprised by how much he enjoyed it.  We've now tried them on 3 or 4 different occasions and thoroughly enjoyed them, though with one exception (but more about that shortly), and have included another cauliflower crust pizza in this week's meal plan.


Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Apricot & Almond Shortbread Slices

Consisting of three separate layers, this Apricot & Almond Shortbread recipe is all about varying texture.  And of course flavour! 

How to make almond and apricot shortbread

How does short crumbly almond shortbread, topped with delicious fruity apricot 'jam', and finished with amaretti biscuits and flaked almonds sound?

Well, for me it sounds sheer bliss, and given how well these pimped up slices of shortbread have been received amongst family and neighbours they clearly feel the same too! 

Almond and Apricot Traybake Shortbread recipe

This easy traybake recipe (and yes, it is easy with no rolling out, creaming or folding) is all about texture.  Starting from the bottom up is a layer of super short almond shortbread which almost melts in the mouth.  Then comes the soft fruity taste of apricots, their beautiful colour peeking temptingly through the crumble of amaretti biscuits and flaked almonds.

How I wish I had another slice right now!

Almond Shortbread topped with an apricot jam and finished with a crumble of amaretti biscuits.

In fact, as it takes less than an hour to make, including the bake time, you can find me in the kitchen whilst I rustle up another batch just in time for an afternoon treat! 


Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Raspberry & White Chocolate Ganache Tarts

These pretty no bake tarts are easy to make and a great make ahead dessert when entertaining.  With a reduced fat ganache filling they're kinder to the waistline but still bring all the yumminess expected of a chocolate ganache dessert.  Keep reading to watch a short video showing how easy they are to make.

Reduced Fat Raspberry & White Chocolate Ganache Tart recipe

One of my favourite flavour pairings has to be raspberry & white chocolate.  Sharp raspberries teamed with creamy sweet white chocolate, to me, is utter bliss.  Although I'm sharing with you this super easy and incredibly yummy Raspberry and White Chocolate Ganache Tart which also happens to be reduced fat (though more about that in a moment), you may also like to check out our other Raspberry and White Chocolate recipes which are sure to get your taste buds dancing if you too are a fan!  We're talking Raspberry & White Chocolate mini trifle, Raspberry & White Chocolate Fudge which always goes down a treat, and a super easy peasy Raspberry and White Chocolate Upsidedown Cake, to name just a few.

Raspberry & White Chocolate Mini Trifles Homemade Raspberry & White Chocolate Fudge Raspberry & White Chocolate Upside Down Cake

Back to today's recipe, reduced fat Raspberry & White Chocolate Tarts.

These pretty tarts are no bake and super easy to make.  We're talking of a lovely biscuit base that is filled with a luscious raspberry and white chocolate ganache and decorated, if you like, with a little melted chocolate, freeze dried raspberry pieces and white chocolate curls.

It was amazing the light work our new high speed blender, the Froothie Optimum Air Vac2 Vacuum blender (affiliate link), made of turning the biscuits to fine crumbs (a task I used to carry out with a rolling pin) and the raspberry mixture super smooth without any trace of those pesky raspberry seeds (I'd would often call on the help of fine sieve to help remove them though there would usually be one or two that got through the mesh some how!)  If you are looking out for a high speed blender you may like to check out my honest and comprehensive review of the Froothie Vac2 Vacuum blender.     

How to make easy make ahead ganache tarts

As I've already mentioned, these tarts are a reduced fat dessert recipe.  By substituting the usual double cream in the ganache for cashew milk we've been able to reduce the total fat content per serving by just over 7.5g (and the saturated fat by 5g).  Granted it's not a massive reduction, after all these Raspberry & White Chocolate Ganache Tarts aren't designed to be an everyday sort of treat, but as a certain supermarket likes to remind us "every little helps!"


Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Baking Crumbs - April 2018 round up

 Welcome to this month's #BakingCrumbs post.  It contains a full round up of April's bakes to whet your appetite and I also highlight what I recreated from the recipes linked up.  Keep reading to find out what's new for May!  

It's been great this past month to see the continued range of inspiring bakes linked up to #BakingCrumbs.  There really is something for everyone from quick and easy cookies and traybakes, free-from recipes and even spectacular illusion cakes, plus even a few savoury recipes too.  It's always lovely to see you guys continue to share your bakes each and every month,  as well as welcome new faces to the baking fun with Amanda from Icing Insight, Jhuls from The Not So Creative Cook, and Caroline from Caroline Makes. 

So, as always, if you're tempted by any of the recipes in the round up below simply click on the recipe title in green to find out more.  And for those of you curious to learn what we re-created in the Only Crumbs Remain kitchen from all of the bakes linked up last month do keep reading and all will be revealed!

What's happening with #BakingCrumbs in May.


Well this month I am super excited to announce that #BakingCrumbs has a guest host!  The lovely Jo of Jo's Kitchen Larder has very kindly agreed to step in my shoes and host May's linky for me whilst Mr E & I kick back a little and enjoy our favourite month.  I know Jo is super excited to take the reins for the month, I know she's going to be a fabulous 'hostess'.

So if you've been baking and are looking to link up this month, do pop over to Jo's linky post where she's keen to give you a warm welcome. 

April's Baking Crumbs Round-up

3 Tempting Cupcakes


  • If you're a fan of Maltesers, and frankly who isn't, then you need to check out Kat's Malteser Teaser Cupcakes!
  • Our Jammie Dodger Cupcakes are perfect for those who love the popular sandwich biscuit.  Think of them as an extra yummy pimped up treat with a flavour combo of raspberry & white chocolate.
  • Made with a rich Devil's Chocolate sponge, containing an Easter surprise in the centre, Nickki's Cadbury Creme Egg Cupcakes look very tempting with the two-tone vanilla frosting and Creme egg decoration.  The recipe definitely needs pinning ready for next Easter's inspiration.



2 Muffin Recipes 



  • If you're wondering what to do with the bananas lurking in the fruit bowl, how about teaming them with peanut butter to make Cat's Banana & Peanut Butter Muffins.
  • Our easy & healthy Breakfast Muesli Muffins are packed with goodness.  The muffins are not only perfect for breakfast on the go, but any time you choose. And being full of muesli and a cheeky handful of choc chips every mouthful is different!




     4 Cakes Decorated with Fondant

    (Clockwise from top left)
    • Ready for a jaw dropping moment?  Then check out Amanda's Giant Jammie Dodger Cake.  I'm sure you'll agree that it's such a seriously amazing illusion cake!  Amanda has helpfully shared a detailed step by step guide, complete with images, to help you recreate it for the jammie dodger fan in your life. 
    • Can you believe this dropped icecream is actually cake!  I know!  Amanda rocks with her illusion cakes and she again shares a great tutorial with clear steps & images sharing How to make a Giant Dropped Icecream Cone.
    • Our Cat Cupcakes are a really fun bake. The video tutorial I shared shows how easy they are to make.
    • Containing an undoubtedly morish Devil's Food Cake, Amanda's tutorial sharing How to make a Totally Fetch Mean Girls Cake totally blew me away!


    Monday, 30 April 2018

    Lemon & Elderflower Cupcakes

    These Lemon & Elderflower Cupcakes are inspired by the forthcoming royal wedding.  They're easy to make and have a lovely delicate flavour.

    How to make Lemon and Elderflower Cupcakes

    I'm sure you won't have missed the excitement building around the forthcoming royal wedding between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle which is attracting a swarm of media attention!  On the big day itself there is certainly going to be a lot of interest in her choice of wedding gown, but for me the interest will mainly lie with their wedding cake.

    Pretty Lemon & Elderflower Cupcakes

    Now, I'd love to be able to tell you that the Prince and his fiance confided in Only Crumbs Remain regarding the cake's flavour and style, and even asked me to bake their wedding cake, but alas not (phew, can you imagine how nerve racking that would have been ๐Ÿ˜ฅ!).  From what I understand from newspaper articles and a quick Google search they are breaking away from the traditional fruit cake in favour of spring flavours and have commissioned a Lemon Elderflower Cake.

    Cupcakes filled with lemon curd

    Although we don't know as yet what their Lemon & Elderflower Cake will look like nor how the two flavours are brought to the cake, our cupcakes are a delicious way that you can easily enjoy this fresh and clean flavour pairing.  In fact these pretty cupcakes are perfect for enjoying with family and friends, or even charity bake sales, as well as marking the royal wedding on Saturday 19th May.