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  Main Meals

This vegetarian Pork Pie recipe is a great meat free alternative.  They're delicious enjoyed either warm as a family meal or cold as part of a buffet, picnic or a filling packed lunch.   The hot water crust pastry is forgiving, robust and easy to work with. With a wonderful earthy flavour, this vegan beetroot & lentil pie recipe produces a delicious, colourful and nutritious meal which is perfect served with vegetables and potatoes or a simple salad.   Homity Pie is a simple, homely, and nutritious bake just like a great big hug in pie form!  It is a vegetarian open pie packed with potatoes, spring onions, leeks, and cheese, and is delicious served either with a green salad or a medley of your favourite vegetables.    A tasty & easy to make vegetarian savoury plait, which is packed with a variety of vegetable proteins.  It is delicious served both warm as a main meal with a medley of vegetables or cold in a buffet spread. These individual vegetarian pies are inspired by the Lancashire hotpot.  The straightforward hotwater crust pastry is filled with layers of potato, quorn and carrot & swede mash. Filling these wonderful Yorkshire Puddings is this flavoursome and easy to make ratatouille.  They're wonderful served alongside a few new potatoes and perhaps a couple of vegetarian sausages. These savoury pasties are baked rather than deep fried so are a healthier take on the traditional Risoles de Palmito.  They're absolutely delicious. These wonderful vegetarian savoury open cheese tarts, made from Wensleydale cheese, are easy to make with a few store cupboard ingredients. Made with a quorn meat substitute, these delicious and easy to make individual chicken and leek pies are housed in a hot water crust pastry shell. This pasta & mushroom dish, baked in a paper bag, is an easy to prepare meal which will entertain your guests with a hint of theatre. A delicious & straightforward homemade pizza.  The base is made from spelt flour before being topped with sheep's cheese and succulent strips of  yellow pepper.  Roasted butternut squash stuffed with beetroot, shallots & sweet chestnuts and finished with a pastry lid provides a delicious meat free option for vegetarian guests this Christmas time. This lancashire cheese & onion pie is made with a regional cheese and is packed with flavour and comfort courtesy of the 'double' crust. Made with hot water crust pastry, this delicious vegetarian alternative to a game pie, is sure to satisfy even the most carnivorous diner! (inspired by GBBO 2015) These nutritious individual savoury tarts are made with a wholemeal pastry, and filled with a butterbean puree before being topped with sauted sliced carrot. This homemade pizza is absolutely delicious having been topped with roasted butternut squash which works incredibly well with goats' cheese. This homemade pizza is made from scratch.  It is topped with full of flavour feta cheese and vegetarian basil pesto. Made with a vegetarian hotwater crust pastry, these hand raises pies hold a quail egg at their centre and aree surrounded with a spinach mixture.  They're prefect for a picnic, buffet or a family meal. This easy to make salad is filling, packed with nutrition and flavour. These individual savoury tarts are delicious, making great use of seasonal asparagus. An easy to make & filling pasta dish.  This recipe uses tinned spinach cutting the preparation time down substantially. If you fancy a change from the usual lasagne and cannelloni, then give this baked pasta dish a try.  It's packed with nutrition and flavour and tastes far yummier than the image suggests!

Light Meals

This recipe for Brussel, Quinoa and Sweet Potato Cakes is super easy, nutritious and tasty.  The recipe, a modern twist on the humble bubble & squeak,  is perfect for the colder months of autumn and winter, and comes courtesy of Jo Pratt's new book The Flexible Vegetarian which is suitable for vegetarians and omnivores alike!   A delicious, hearty & nutritious soup containing chunks of vegetarian bacon alongside tomatoes & lentils. These delicious vegetarian sausage rolls are perfect for a fun picnic or even a buffet over the festive period with loved ones. These mini tarts are easy to make and perfect when entertaining.  The cooked pastry cases are filled with caramelised onion chutney and a simple cheese sauce before being topped with breadcrumbs and more cheese and flashed under the grill. Asparagus works really well in these individual vegetarian muffins alongside the faux ham, egg and cheese. Consisting of starchy rice, earthy mushrooms and stringy mozzarella, these scrumptious and easy to make risotto croquettes (arancini) are just perfect for using up any excess risotto you may have. A quirky take on the classic, this version is made using a vegetarian faux ham, housed in a muffin tin with egg, white sauce and cheese to make a perfect delicious portable snack when out & about.  The crispy quinoa crust surrounding these vegetaraian arancini (risotto balls) contrasts well against the soft starchy risotto as well as bringing extra nutrition to the meal.  The garlic butter within adds extra flavour. A nutritious, healthy and satisfying warm salad, which is easy to pull together, consisting of roasted butternut squash, goats' cheese & quinoa. This nutritious, delicious and easy soup, made with butternut squash and other root vegetables, is made a little quirky by serving it in a hollowed out squash!   With a quail's egg at the centre and surrounded with a vegetable mixture largely consisting of spinach, these vegetarian scotch eggs are perfect for a picnic, buffet or light lunch. An easy, delicious and warm salad, which includes sauted asparagus, coddled (baked) egg and croutons.  It's a must make when asparagus is in season!

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