Homemade Confectionary & Healthy Snacks

Homemade Confectionery

 Indulge friends with this Homemade Whisky Fudge.  Made using the traditional method, this fudge recipe is delicious carrying the flavour and aroma of whisky (whiskey).  It's perfect for offering as a gift to loved ones, or even treating yourself.      Filled with a coffee flavoured chocolate ganache, these Coffee Cream Chocolates pack a punch!  They're the perfect homemade gift for any coffee lover!   Like all confectionery, this homemade Strawberry & Vanilla Fudge recipe makes the perfect edible gift.  It's packed with yummy naughtiness, and is actually straightforward to make! This homemade Coffee & Walnut Fudge recipe is far from shy and retiring.  It's robust, packed with flavour, and the coffee flavour cuts through the sweetness of the confectionery beautifully.  It's a great alternative fudge flavour!    This Double Chocolate Fudge recipe produces a delicious melt in the mouth confectionery.  The addition of mini eggs not only makes it a perfect recipe for Easter treats, but also introduces a fun pop of colour and a wonderful contrast in texture.  These handmade Hazelnut Noisette Chocolates with their rich milk chocolate hazelnut ganache encased in a tempered milk chocolate shell are the perfect edible gift.       These handmade hazelnut & caramel chocolates were just the ticket for celebrations, birthdays or just to say thank you!   This delicious homemade fudge, with its two tone colour scheme, is flavoured with almond extract, toasted flaked almonds and cherries.  It is reminiscent of the classic Bakewell Tart, though in the form of fudge!. Packed with Christmas flavours of cranberries, cinnamon, mixed spice & orange, this delicious Christmas fudge is finished with holly sprinkles to make a pretty and edible homemade gift for loved ones. This homemade Raspberry & White Chocolate Fudge is as delicous as it is pretty.  It's perfect packaged up as a gift for loved ones or offered to guests as party nibbles. These 6 easy to make fondant Christmas characters & shapes make great toppers for cakes, large and small.  They can easily be customised to your own ideas and are great fun to create as a family activity. Made in the traditional way with store cupboard ingredients, this vanilla fudge makes a thoughtful homemade gift. Made in a microwave and taking only a few short minutes, this delicious fudge is far easier to achieve success with than that made the traditional way!

Healthy Snacks

Containing no added sugar or fat, these energy balls are a healthy snack when the munchies arrive.  They are very easily made from store cupboard ingredients. These delicious energy balls, easily made from store cupboard ingredients, contain no added sugar or fat making them perfect for snacking upon when the munchies hit. Made with fresh vegetables, these three dips of carrot and almond dip; romanesco cauliflower dip; and salad leaves, pea and feta dip, are as delicious as they are colourful!  They'd make an easy and healthy addition to any party or movie night.

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