Thursday, 4 June 2015

Kitchenalia #4 - Tennis Teacup & Saucer Sets

Tennis Teacup & Saucer Sets

For a little while now I've been yearning after a particular type of crockery.  Not only because it may help with my photography and 'staging' but also because I think they look really lovely.

The problem was, I just didn't know what they were called!  There was a lot of arm waving and drawing when trying to describe them to Mr E!  Basically a teacup set with an elongated saucer in which a slice of cake or cookie (or two) can rest.  So rather than carrying a regular cup & saucer in one hand and a side plate with a goodie in the other, this pottery creation frees up a hand. 

By chance, I stumbled across a site which described the item as a Tennis Cup and Saucer Set.  And Bingo, a little search in google brought up quite a selection. Because they're so lovely and a wee bit different, I thought I'd share them with you lovely people.  Do bear in mind that many of the items are loosely called 'antiques' and are therefore restricted regarding the quantities available.  And although many are quite dated in terms of design, there are actually some with modern lines and colours.

Tennis Teacup & Saucer Set

1. This item is from Noriko Masuda.  She is based in Alberta, Canada, and has some lovely classic designs.

Tennis Teacup & Saucer Set

2. This gorgeous green creation is from Hogweed Pottery.  I believe it's made in small quantities by  Steven Jenkins who is based in Frome with outlets in the south west of London.

Tennis Teacup & Saucer Set

3. I found this item on  It's a Royal Albert Vintage piece of crockery in an Old Country Rose design.  This is the actual item which solved the riddle as to what these items are actually called!

Tennis Teacup & Saucer Set

4. This lovely blue number is sold by Modern Look Vintage who sells via Etsy.  It's a tennis cup & saucer set by Crown Devon in Blue with a Pale Grey inner.

Tennis Teacup & Saucer Set

5. This item is also from an Etsy seller called wildoctopus.  It's a vintage snack set dating from the 1950s which has been hand painted on fine bone china.

Tennis Teacup & Saucer Set

6. I found this item on  Ancient Point.  It's dated post 1940 and the seller has described it as  'Vintage Tea Cup With Saucer Snack Tennis Set Art Deco Modern Diner Retro Abstract'.

Tennis Teacup & Saucer Set

7.  Here's another one for you.  It's really quite chintzy, but I actually quite like that.  I must be getting old!  I found this on  Instant Finder.  It's described as James Kent Convolvulus Teacup Snack Set.

Tennis Teacup & Saucer Set

8. Finally, here's another 1940s vintage Tennis set described as 'Stunning Rare Royal Winton Grimwades Snack Set', being sold by an Etsy seller called HoityToityVintage

Do you like 'antique' crockery.  What do you think of 'Tennis Cup and Saucer Sets'?  Or do you know them by a different name?

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