Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Easter Bunny Butt Cupcakes

These Easter & springtime themed cupcakes are so much fun!  They're surprisingly easy to make and would be perfect for children's parties, family get togethers and charity bake sales.

How to make Easter Bunny Butt Cupcakes

I'm sure Easter Bunny Butt Cupcakes need no real introduction.  With the cute fondant bunny butt poking through the buttercream grass and pretty flowers they shout out Easter and springtime loud and clear.

Ever since successfully making our fondant Christmas characters, a few short months ago, I've wanted to make these cute fondant bunny butt cupcakes which I see all over Pinterest at this time of year!  A recent journey over the Pennine hills to Lancashire to visit Mr E's side of the family was the perfect excuse to get creative. 

Easter Bunny Butt Cupcakes are perfect for springtime parties!

Creating fondant characters is, believe it or not, new to me having had my first dabble leading up to Christmas with our snowman, choir boy, penguin and Santa cake toppers.

Despite the detail in our Easter themed cupcakes, the fondant bunny is actually relatively easy to achieve as most of the shapes are merely balls of fondant of varying sizes.  The body, fluffy tail, and pink pads on the over sized feet are just balls of fondant. Even those bunny feet started off life as a ball!  Hopefully you will see the basic component parts with the images.

Saturday, 18 March 2017

Apple Rose Tart

Apple rose tarts are eye catching, resembling a pretty bouquet of roses.  They're just as delicious as any apple pie!

Apple Rose Tart Recipe

Mother's Day is fast approaching and for the past week or so I've been wondering what to make for my Mum this year.  Of course I could make her some elaborate chocolate showstopper, or something equally indulgent, but knowing that my Mum is very conscious about the types and quantities of fat that she includes in her diet such bakes really wouldn't have been appropriate for her.

So, wanting to make her something which was relatively healthy yet eye catching, I recalled the pretty vibe of our apple roses which I made last year and was inspired to make this family sized apple rose tart.

Healthy Apple Rose Tart Recipe

Of course pastry itself isn't the healthiest of choices having invariably been made with butter packed with saturated fats.  But having successfully made a vegan pastry just last week for our Beetroot & Lentil Pie, which was so much healthier having been made with an olive oil, I knew that that vegan pastry recipe would be perfect for this healthy Apple Rose Tart.   This pretty tart recipe does include a certain amount of refined sugar, a total of about 85g, but the individual serving quantity would be minimal once this posh apple pie is divided between guests.

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Homemade Hazelnut Noisette Chocolates

These handmade Hazelnut Noisette Chocolates with their rich milk chocolate hazelnut ganache encased in a tempered milk chocolate shell are the perfect edible gift.     

Homemade Hazelnut Noisette Chocolates

So many celebrations often call for a lovely box of chocolates; birthdays, thank you's, Valentine's day, and of course Mother's day.   It's so easy to pop into a shop and select a lovely box of chocolates, but just imagine how special the recipient would feel if you'd made those chocolates yourself!  You would certainly earn some brownie points if you were to make a few handmade chocolates.

And before you disappear thinking that it's beyond a regular home baker, hang around for a little longer and trust me when I say it's really not that difficult to do!  These homemade Hazelnut Noisette Chocolates are only my third attempt at making handmade chocolates, the first being a batch of hazelnut and caramel chocolates which I made to mark my blog's birthday.

Friday, 10 March 2017

Beetroot & Lentil Vegan Pie

With a wonderful earthy flavour, this vegan beetroot & lentil pie recipe produces a delicious, colourful and nutritious meal which is perfect served with vegetables and potatoes or a simple salad.

Beetroot & Lentil Vegan Pie recipe

This past week was British Pie Week.  I'm sure that all of your social media feeds, just like mine, were packed with wonderful pie creations.  Fruit pies.  Savoury pies.  Single crust pies.  Double crust pies.  Rustic pies.  Pretty pies.

Given that our household is a great big fan of pies I couldn't let British Pie Week pass by without coming up with another pie recipe.

How to make a vegan Beetroot & Lentil Pie

This delicious Beetroot & Lentil Pie has such a wonderful earthy flavour courtesy of the roasted beets.  And just check out that amazing colour once the pie is sliced into!  There's definitely no need for food colourant in this recipe thanks to the amazing pigments the beetroot has.  For that very reason I'd also recomend wearing something different to your favourite white blouse / shirt when preparing (or even eating) this lovely savoury vegan pie!   Rubber gloves also come in useful too whilst skinning them after they have been roasted.  

Monday, 6 March 2017

Hazelnut & Caramel Chocolates + Giveaway!

There's nothing more special than handmade chocolates, and they're surprising not as difficult to make as you might imagine.  These handmade hazelnut & caramel chocolates were just the ticket to celebrate Only Crumbs Remain's birthday, alongside a giveaway!  

How to make Homemade Hazelnut & Caramel Chocolates

When there are things to celebrate, alongside cake, chocolates are very much the order of the day.  So given that Only Crumbs Remain turned two today, I thought we'd celebrate with chocolate!  Though not any box of mass produced shop bought chocolate!  We're talking homemade ones here, specifically Hazelnut & Caramel Chocolates!  They're similar in may ways to Quality Street's The Purple One, apparently the most popular chocolate in their selection!

How to make Hazelnut & Caramel Chocolates at home

And if handmade chocolates weren't excitement enough to celebrate my blog's second birthday we are also hosting a giveaway as a way of saying 'thank you' to so many people for their continued support.  Returning readers, new visitors, fellow bloggers, collaborators, family and friends!  Thank you!

So from a fan of home baking, who wants to say thank you, here's your chance to win 'The Chocolatier's Baking Bundle!'  


Wednesday, 1 March 2017

20 Awesome Dinner Party Desserts

We've got you covered with this awesome collection of 20 dinner party dessert recipes from top UK food bloggers.  There are so many to choose from, including free-from desserts, chocolate creations, cheesecakes and so much more!

20 Awesome Dinner Party Dessert Recipes

My food blogging pals certainly came up trumps when I put the call out on FaceBook for dinner party dessert ideas.  They certainly didn't let me down with the breadth of awesome and delicious dessert recipes they shared with me!

Every single one of the recipes listed below can be made well ahead of time (though one or two may perhaps need to be scattered with crumbled biscuits or perhaps dusted with cocoa powder at the last moment), even a day or two before in some cases, allowing you to be the perfect attentive host when your guests arrive. 

So, whether you're after a rich chocolate dessert, a cheesecake, something free-from, or even a frozen creation, then look no further.  There's sure to be something to whet you're appetite in this ultimate dinner party dessert recipe collection! 

The difficulty comes when choosing which to make first!


Monday, 27 February 2017

Orange Posset with Rhubarb & Shortbread

This delicious and eye catching dessert is perfect when hosting a dinner party not least because it is super easy to make, looks and tastes amazing, but needs to be made a few hours ahead of time allowing you to be the perfect attentive host!  The luxurious orange posset is teamed with a naturally vibrant rhubarb and orange jam, which not only provides aesthetic interest and combines a flavour combination which really works, but the sharpness of the rhubarb breaks up the richness of the dessert beautifully. 

Orange Posset with Rhubarb and Shortbread Fingers

I love desserts.  Puddings.  Afters.  Sweets.   What ever you want to call them they have my name all over them.  Just check out my recipe index if you need any more convincing!    Whether they're homely like a Mincemeat & Apple Galette, traditional like a Yorkshire Curd Tart,  or complex like a Marjolaine I just love desserts.

But for me, easy, eye catching, and delicious desserts are what's called for when we have dinner guests coming round.  Even better if the recipe can be made way ahead of time to allow me to natter and entertain our friends and family rather than being stuck in a hot kitchen where it's easy to become stressed over how long things may be taking.  Delicious make ahead desserts are certainly what's called for, and if you need some further dinner party dessert inspiration why not check out my 20 Awesome Dinner Party Desserts from top UK food bloggers!

Thursday, 23 February 2017

Rhubard & Custard Genoise Cake

This delicate genoise cake recipe marries the classic flavour combination of rhubarb and custard, teaming it with orange for extra deliciousness.  It produces a wonderfully delicious light sponge cake which is perfect for sharing over afternoon tea.    

Rhubarb and Custard Genoise Sponge Cake Recipe

Now that forced rhubarb has hit the shops it would seem rude not to take advantage of those delicious & beautiful slender red stems and bake something equally delicious.   It's such a versatile fruit vegetable which can easily be used in a host of different recipes, such as crumble (like our classic recipe for rhubarb and ginger crumble), in cakes, or even made into a jam or curd.  I'm also led to believe, for those carnivores out there,  that the natural sharpness of rhubarb cuts through the oily qualities of mackerel really well!

Rhubarb and Custard Genoise Sponge Cake Recipe, made with forced rhubarb and a little orange

One cake I'm particularly drawn to, aesthetically, is the Fraisier cake, no doubt popularised by GBBO's technical challenge a few years ago.  The halved strawberries positioned upright around the edge of a classic genoise cake and surrounded by creme patissiere simply looks stunning.  Last spring that cake inspired me to try something similar, replacing the strawberries with with rhubarb and orange.  Short baked batons of rhubarb stood on end around the edge of a sponge cake, alternated with orange segments and filled with a patissierie custard.  Alas, though, despite its amazing flavour combo, it didn't make it to the blog due to structural stability, or rather instability! 

That wasn't the end of the rhubarb and custard cake inspiration though.  The idea has stayed in my 'to bake list' all year.  As forced rhubarb is now available in the supermarkets and a genoise sponge cake had been made in my recent side-by-side baking comparison the cake was revisited with a few necessary alterations.


Monday, 20 February 2017

Side-by-Side Baking - Genoise Cake

A comparison bake exploring two different methods to make a genoise cake with the aim of identifying if one is more effective than the other.

Continuing with my Side-by-Side Baking series, this month I chose to look at two ways of making a genoise cake, specifically using the gentle heat of a bain marie whilst beating the eggs and sugar together to ribbon stage compared to a batter made without any heat.

About my Side-by-Side Baking Series.

If you're new to Only Crumbs Remain, you may be wondering what my Side-by-Side Baking series is all about.  Basically, it's an ongoing series of posts where I look at the effects certain techniques and food products have on given bakes.  More often than not, and I certainly include myself here, we are shown how to make, say a Victoria Sponge, but with little understanding of why we may be folding in the flour so gently and what would happen to our cake if we didn't.  This series is designed to experiment with and highlight such techniques and products with a view to appreciating why we carry out them out.  So for instance, last month we looked at curdled cake batters, but I've also looked at resting Yorkshire Pudding batters before baking, folding in flour by hand against that folded in with a spatula, butter quality in cake batters and the all-in-one method against the traditional creaming-in-method.  These bakes are designed to focus upon one aspect of baking (or even ingredient) to see if we can make our bakes even better or even if there are some, dare I say, short cuts we can take to achieve a good result.  Therefore, in this series there will always be at least two separate batches baked in these comparisons to allow me, and you as the reader, to literally compare them Side-by-Side.

Side-by-Side Baking - Making a Genoise Cake.

So, as I've already mentioned, for this month's comparison bake I chose to look at two different ways to make a genoise sponge cake, to determined if there is a method which produces a cake with a better rise and with more aeration.

The prompt for this bake came some months ago, though if truth be told it was over 12 months ago, when my mum celebrated her 65th birthday.  To mark the occasion we made her an Apple & Cinnamon Genoise Cake, which by the way was absolutely delicious and was the perfect cake to round off her birthday which had seen us at a lovely (almost swanky) fish & chip shop complete with chandeliers!